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Theocratic Dominion: Mystical Theology

By:  Domin'Theos

Picture of the kabballah, representative of the god, and realms of man.

        Here's a question for those of you that are 12+ years of age, and had a moderately-fit childhood.  Remember the days when you were relatively care-free, and had very few responsibilities;  the times when all you were concerned with was:  all play and no work, anything that tastes good and activities that we're thrilling or adventurous?  Well, more than likely--that's when you were under the "Dominion" of your parent(s)-guardian(s);  and as long as you didn't disobey them, you were safe from the consequential punishment that would follow such actions.


         On top of that, you were essentially "taken-care" of--and to the degree that your "lords and saviors" were capable;  straying from the model of the family often resulted in punishment or rejection from its embrace, until eventual exile and/or reconciliation took place.  However, upon maturity and by making the conscious decision to depart from the "domain" of your guardian(s)--you're relinquishing the provided protection;  and in effect freeing yourself from their dominion over you.  The scenario above illustrates the fundamental dynamics of Theocratic Dominion,  as relinquishing the right to govern ones-own constitution--and to another;  will always result in the loss of certain liberties.


        In this article, we'll discuss the mechanisms involved with realizing Theocratic Dominion, relevant manifestations, and the primary point of "reason" relative to the realms of man.  For the sake of greater understanding, the "game" can be played from many positions however,--I'd like to detail two of the most common before we begin;  those being the:  Free-Agent and Devotee.

Free Agents


        We've been a free agent many of times in our life, for example;  upon graduating grade-school--you're basically a free agent if you aren't already pursuing a career or higher education.  Just got out of a bad marriage, you're now a free agent--no longer bound by commitment to another that would restrict certain actions.  There are advantages and disadvantages associated with this standpoint, and below--we'll briefly discuss a few of them.

  •     Pros


        You're basically free to do as you wish, and in the most literal sense.  You're responsible for, and in control of--all thoughts, beliefs and actions expressed whether inward or outwardly.  There's no limit to what you can achieve and/or accomplish--the sky's the limit.  There is absolutely "nothing" that trumps your idea of truth in regard to self--except that which is Universal to all.

  •     Cons


        There is no power above you to "depend" on, or seek assistance from--you're on your own.  Alliances are based upon mutual "trusts", as opposed to binding "agreements";  there is no recognized force or group to call upon for enforcement if the trust is compromised or broken.  You're only as "powerful" as you and your "trustees."



        Just as many times as we've been a free agent within our lives, we've also been a devotee--if not thrice as much as the former.  Any organization or institution that's governed with a hierarchical and/or bureaucratic structure--requires a working class with a minimum, yet specific level of devotion to it.  Love singing--well that's great and a wonderful talent,  simply practicing the art while even earning a living off of it doesn't make you a "Devotee" in a sense relative to our Original Topic;  however, if you were to "sign" over certain "rights" to another person and/or "entity"--you'd no longer be a free agent but a Devotee to that particular system.

  •     Pros


        Power in numbers is the most important dynamic of any system that requires devotees--so that the system itself may express and deliver optimum:  incentive, security, enforcement, exposure, etc;  this provides a steady influx of prospects and ever increasing levels of devotion.  Having the backing of something far greater than you, and much more important--caters to the need for acceptance, structure, and/or protection.

  •     Cons


        Relinquishing your rights, and to whatever degree--to "another";  always limits the actions you may take on your own, there will always be something you'll have to base your actions upon--other than your own personal cause and intent.  There will be rules to follow, and resulting consequences administered by the system for breaking them.

The Divine Hosts

        There exists "Divine" beings and/or entities, some based in the realms of man--others totally independent of them;  these forces populate the 4th to 5th Dimensions, and are limited to them as well.  Whenever we apply belief and worship to a creation outside of ourselves--it manifests within the Divine Host;  take it a step further with a multitude of people directing energy towards the entity, and what will manifest is an artificial--yet sentient representation of that collective energy.  Simultaneously, there are "Original" and Sentient Beings-Entities of The Divine Host, that may or may not be dependent upon the energy of others;  these forces may also have experienced a 3rd Dimensional incarnation--or many, at some point "in-time."

Gods and Goddesses, Kali the Destroyer sitting afront a settign sun, in meditation stance.

        In most cases, you can't mention Deities without mentioning the religion based upon them--the two go hand in hand.  The role of Deity isn't limited to the Intangible, as physical-sentient beings can ascend to the status of "God" or "Goddess" as well;  however, not in the same sense that one would view an omnipresent-omnipotent "creator" relative to the human form.  Religion can be anything that you believe in and devote yourself to, it's not limited to the church--but can include;  art, science, government, entertainment, etc.  It's important that we view these terms with an expanded perception--limiting them to the dynamics of the church would be limiting your knowledge.


        Most recognized Deities are sentient thought-forms, created by sentient life-forms--all of whom reside in the 5th Dimension.  We create them and found religions based upon them, our beliefs give them life--and our very own free-will choices binds us to them.  It appears as though most Deities are reflections of their worshipers, and this is due to the fact that we created them;  they're essentially light or "spirit", programmed and empowered by us--for us.  Thought-form Deities lack Soul, and in absence of:  worship, exaltation and reverence--all of which are forms of spirit-energy transfer;  the "idea" that is the Thought-Form Deity would cease to exist.

        At the same time, there are Deities whom possess soul--and persist in "living" by either:  existing in an energetically-superior state, independent of outside sources--though distinguished by "that" which is inferior;  or by-way of a parasitic relationship with other sources of energy.  We'll class the former and latter "Soul-Card Carriers"--Deity Type A & B.  Deity A, usually achieves the state through numerous incarnations--and is typically "on it's way out of here", so to speak.  Deity B, however--seeks to remain within the Divine Host, while manipulating and subsisting upon the inferior energies "below" it;  an incarnation has a 99.9% chance of causing the loss of it's dominion over the "lot" it occupies, which is it's primary domain of operation.

Principalities and Powers

        Subjected to the same Universal Laws as Deities--Principalities and Powers (P&P) are found to be represented in the popularized notions of "Angels and Demons";  these forces are usually "based" within 5D, and may also be "ethereal-automatons" and/or originals.   They do have the capability of taking-up temporary residence within 4D, however this isn't their lot.  Based upon the type, A or B--original or artificial;  there will be differences in it's personality and disposition, as some express free will--and others do not.


        Type A P&P, are more often than not--Free-Agents;  having cultivated the optimal frequency, they're able to "live" within 5D reality for extended periods of time--incomprehensible in comparison to the life-span of a human-physical being.  Most, if not all Divine communications with this type usually takes place upon the astral plane--and only on the most rare of occasions will they "take" you to the mental-causal realms.  Most Type A's have achieved this state through multiple incarnations--while others have even accomplished it in one;  as well, there are those that have never experienced an incarnation--but are about to for the first time.  There's a multitude of devotees within this class as well, although--the free agent type greatly outnumbers them.


        Type B P&P are ethereal-automatons--programmed and empowered by their creator(s).  Some may be under the dominion of a Deity, while others are autonomously "independent";  nonetheless, they all serve and enforce the will of their creator(s).  The life-span of these artificial-lifeforms are entirely dependent upon their relevancy, and believers;  the powers and abilities of these types are also dependent upon the previously mentioned factors.  Lastly, the range of influence these beings exhibit is limited to those that subscribe to it's ideology--and is effected upon others by those devotees as well.


        Originals within this class of Divine Host will either move on to progress through higher dimensions--or eventually reincarnate into another physical form;  the artificial, on the other hand--will exist for as long as "it" has the optimal energy to do so.

Angels and Demons, image of an angelic being comprised of light with wings in the sky.
Mortal Anomalies

        Mortal Anomalies (MA), are representations of divinity-incarnate--whom express "capabilities" reminiscent of God-Like power and manifestation.  These beings-entities simultaneously operate within the 3rd, 4th--and even 5th Dimensions;  while incarnate within 3D form.  The ability to synchronize multiple dimensions into one "life-style", is an extremely difficult feat--and I'll explain why by using the Shaolin Monks as an example.  Ancient, and even modern Monks are in-tune with all 3 primary dimensions--there are no breaks in the union of realms;  this is accomplished through discipline and an ideal environment, to say the least.  There are very strict ethics and principles they must follow in order to maintain the synchronization, and their life is structured around it.


        If you're a city or urban dweller, it's almost impossible to sync all three dimensions--and at all times;  at most, the very best of us may be able to co-exist within the 3rd and 4th Dimension--and on very rare occasions may we link with the 5th.  Whether we have to punch the clock, or something as simple as answering a phone call;  if it isn't in line with your multi-dimensional self, then a rift will occur in the transmission--it's up to you to reconnect after the interruption, and if possible.  Mortal Anomalies are those whom structure their multi-dimensional selves into one continuum, and may operate from any one of the 3 Dimensions--at any given time.

Demi God, alien being from Orion in ancient Egypt, among the pyramids.

        Ancient Sumerian texts, and numerous resulting scripts--include descriptions of "humanoid" beings whose lifespans reached in upwards of 50,000 years;  even "Humans" lived for hundreds of years in times past.  Humans aren't the only intelligent and upright walking life-forms on this "plane", and there are various world artifacts and mysteries that add to the fact;  affirming discoveries are being made every single day.


        Demi-Gods (DG) represent the class of MA that function within all three primary dimensions--and have designed certain aspects of "their" world to cater to the setting.  Has anyone ever said to you--"hey, you know the world doesn't revolve around you, right?"  Well, in the case of a DG-- the world literally does revolve around them, or at-least to the degree that it has synchronized it's multi-dimensional existence.  These beings have the ability to influence and even manipulate the mental and astral selves of others--hence bringing about the desired result within the physical world.


        Being that they operate multi-dimensionally, there's three domains from which a DG may "observe"--and likewise when "engaging."  At this very moment there are human, and non-human Demi-Gods carving out their "piece of space"-- most of us are just "in the way";  also, these mortal beings usually have no trouble ascending into the Soul-Plane upon changing form.


        Though the name may sound malevolent, understand that good and evil are beliefs--and there are infinite ways to perceive them.  Archons model themselves after, and more often than not cooperate with Demi-Gods--for the purpose of establishing corresponding systems, and/or functioning realities.  They're based in the astral plane, or 4D--and this is due to the necessary requisites for becoming one.  Contrary to the DG, Archons exist primarily from parasitic relationships with other sources of energy--and idolization is the primary method to which the Archon-Form is achieved.


        To paint a better picture, look at it this way;  Imagine having zero friends, and no one that knows of you.  Then, and overnight--half the world knows who you are, and you become famous due to the exposure;  this is the fundamental requisite for becoming an Archon.  It doesn't matter if you're the most popular person in a town of 50 people--or the most famous person in the world;  the energy generated from "attention" towards you--is yours to wield and/or consume.


        Archons utilize this energy to forge a connection between the astral and physical worlds;  their audience enforces the link by participating in, and offering energy to--the sphere of it.  It's possible for such a being to cross over into the 5th Dimension as well, but however--this isn't it's Lot.  Most people contribute and/or relinquish emotional energy to others, without ever giving too much "thought"--this fact is what limits its reach and power.

Archons clad in red robe, within a cathedral of some sort.

        If you've ever felt as if you were more than the projected ideas and beliefs of others, you aren't alone.  We must understand that our physical body is a vessel that "We" inhabit, and whatever we "know" ourselves to be--will be.  The term "Humanoid" denotes anything that resembles "humans" in appearance or character, and when designating other sentient beings as such--you must also take into consideration their "perception" of you;  elevated consciousness will always reveal the degree of sentience another possesses, and the observed party won't always have:  two arms, two legs and one head.


        Our ability to command ethereal forces is second to none--at least in regard to the known inhabitants of Earth.  We literally dominate both the ethereal and corporeal formations relative to this plane, if there was a contemporary living God--it'd be us.  From Mortal Anomaly, to Divine Host--it's us that fill those "shoes";  we all have the capability of achieving those states of being, and more.  There's also believed to be other forms of sentient life, comparable to--if not far greater than the human form;  however, we'll delve into that subject later in the series.  Below, we'll briefly discuss the Mythos of Humanity itself--and shed light upon our position within the scheme of Theocratic Dominion.

Animus Prime

        At present, science has estimated that the oldest human ancestor to walk the plane dates back 3.2 Million Years--and 195,000 Years for the oldest fossils relative to modern humans.  It's no mystery as to how we've survived this long as a species--we're the most aggressive and territorial mammals on Earth.  Many of specie have gone extinct due to our "actions", while the very DNA of others have been manipulated to our liking--we've conquered and have been top players upon this plane for a very long time.


        There are many theories regarding the origin and/or purpose of humanity, some concrete--some abstract;  yet, they all share one thing in common.  All roads point back to "fair-use" of the human body, no matter the ideology or theory.  For instance, Ancient Sumerian texts may lead one to believe  humans were created as a slave-class entity--while evolution states that we all evolved though different paths, some of us even started out as sea-slugs;  the point is that we've reached this level of "being", and our body is always at the pinnacle of it's "time."


        Truth is, the physical form doesn't evolve at all--but devolves.  Sure it adapts and develops mechanisms in regard to it's survival;  however, time never works to the advantage of anything under it's dominion--as everything will eventually die.  Every-time we "pass" genes, it's never a "carbon copy"-- but a lesser manifestation of the former.  The human form has been devolving since it first set foot upon the Earth.  We're animals just like any other land-mammal, what sets us apart is the "operator" within.

Knight battling a huge dragon atop a cliff.
A skeleton sitting in a golden throne with a crown upon it's skull, symbolizing the futility of materialistic pursuits.

        Human beings express a particular quality that truly sets them apart from the animal-kingdom--that quality being Ego.  Verbal battles between opposing Egos usually stalemate, until further "action" is taken to decide the victor.  Sometimes, we want to be right so bad--we ignore the fact that "everyone" can be right;  there's always the option to "agree to disagree."  It's typical of ego-fueled individuals to automatically denounce opposing and/or alternative ideas, and likewise for two alike individuals to ignite a pointless argument;  this leads to the overall point of this section, the fact that human beings have an innate desire for "total-control."


        The irony of this trait, is that most humans seek to control others--before they ever gain control over themselves.  Self empowerment involves doing better than the next person, or having more control over a situation than another--this is the nature of the physical-human;  it isn't indicative of a negative trait, however--it does denote the overall chaos of existence itself.  We all want to feel safe and in control of our lives, therefore--everything that doesn't agree with our ideal-present will translate into chaos;  and whether or not it's controlled, is entirely up to the individual experiencing it.  Chaos cannot be eliminated, only controlled.


        Some of us may want something to be false so bad, that we ignore the "truth" of it--and vice versa;  this is what causes the "separation", and is what generates conflict.  The ability to realize the truth in everything, and without debate--is a skill within itself;  and one that is necessary when traversing the realms of man.  Self-Gnosis is the first step towards spiritual awakening, and afterwards comes the knowledge to apply "proper" judgment in regard to everything around you;  which will in effect, grant you the wisdom of the world--and everything in it.

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