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The Soul
The Soul - Spark Within the Pineal Gland

        Almost every sentient life-form in existence has a "Soul";  yes, even the ants you stepped on as a child have one.  Soul in it's entirety is a pool of "Tachyon-Energy", the only form of energy capable of traveling faster than the speed of light--and our thoughts represent this energy in-action.  However, we don't incarnate with Soul in it's entirety--and for various reasons;  one of which being that our 3D vessel simply can't contain such a force.  Instead, we incarnate with a "spark" or particle from the whole--and likewise across the board for any sentient being and/or entity within physical reality.


        The seat of the soul-spark is within the "Pineal Gland", commonly referred to as the "Third Eye."  This tiny endocrine gland is located near the center of the brain, in-between the two hemispheres--and resembles a pine-cone in shape;  picture it as the cockpit within our "spaceship" which the soul-spark pilots to traverse this dimension.  The physical health of the pineal plays a major role in our "connection" with higher dimensions, and basic maintenance typically involves drinking alkaline water--free from fluoridation.  This gland produces melatonin, the prime regulatory hormone of our sleep-cycle;  melatonin levels are at their peak in "darkness", and lowest when exposed to "sunlight."  The pineal is the "eye" that allows us to see within the ethereal-dark--particularly when we're: dreaming, projecting, divining, etc;  your human "eye-balls" are useless here.


        Though most "humans" incarnate with soul-sparks, that doesn't necessarily mean it's an "illuminated-one."  The majority of us are born with an active-pineal, but it gradually goes-into standby mode years after birth

unless maintained and/or cultivated.  Spiritual Awakening is required in order to re-activate the pineal, and effectually "re-connect" with ones GOD-Force;  it's only then that enlightenment may even be considered possible.  The "Rebirth" transpires when the cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF) ascends our spinal column to reach the cranial nerves within our brain.  CSF carries light-encoded data directly to our pineal-gland, as it's produced from arterial blood--which is rich with coded-DNA.  With proper focus and the right "message", a spiritual-awakening may occur within the individual;  and the experience can be likened to a brief--yet transcendental ecstasy.

The Over-Soul

        Being that the Soul is immortal and self-sustaining, what's the point of even incarnating into lesser realities?  Well, even though the Soul is a universe within itself;  it's not self-producing--and requires "experience" to diversify it's "domain."  When our soul was first realized, it was one-pool of possibilities out of an infinite ocean--and everything within-it were thought-forms manifest as "reality."  Now, imagine sending portions of light into lesser realities in-order to "imprint" it with "new-data";  by experiencing incarnations in lesser dimensions, sparks of soul may then express sentience--interdependent with the "Original-Source."


        Picture it this way, in the beginning there was the Over-Soul (OS)--and the OS sought a way to "know itself";  everything it-was were thoughts and ideas never before experienced.  Each Soul-Force that generates the

incarnating-spark started out as a "program" designed by the Over-Soul, and the spark returns with new-data--hence "upgrading" the program-itself.   After Eons of incarnations, the domain of OS may be populated with Millions of individual "Higher-Selves" until all source programs are perfected;  and it's at this point that the "operating-system" begins it's ascent through the "Triple-Black Darkness" (7 - 9D) to reach "The-All" and complete it's "Cycle."  The phrase "you only live once" is most definitely true, although--it isn't to imply that you can't live-forever.

        The idea of "selling your soul" or having it "bound" by someone is a falsehood, and literally impossible;  although, soul-sparks are subject to outside influence and/or manipulation.  The Higher-Self (HS) is outside the realm of man (ROM), and exists in an eternal state of peace--nothing can change this fact.  The portions of light that descend into incarnations are subject to the laws that govern those dimensions, and are therefor susceptible to outside-sources.  It's true, the soul-spark may be "sold" to someone or something else--and in effect bound by the agreement through which it was transacted;  this is why it's extremely important that you're always conscious as to who, or what you're dealing with at all times.  If the aforementioned reality befell ones "Lower-Self" (LS), the individual must "pay their dues" in order for the soul-spark to be released to it's "rightful owner."


        Correspondingly, it's possible to "override" and/or "rebel" against the Will of HS;  when this occurs, the operator of LS refuses to merge with HS--and remains within the ROM for extended periods of time.  These rebels usually avoid their natural fate for a multitude of reasons, which include but aren't limited to:  desire, fear, spark containment, love, hate, etc.  Rebel soul-sparks may seek to reside within higher dimensions without ever incarnating into 3D reality, and this is achieved through siphoning the spiritual-energy of others.  Human-Beings weren't designed as self-sustaining life-forms in any-dimension;  there are entities outside the ROM whom are self-sustained in 4 - 5D reality, and it's natural for them--but not humans.  Our duty is to return-to and merge with HS after we've achieved enlightenment, however--some simply refuse to do-so.

Soul Family - Ancestral Realm

By:  Domin'Theos

The Oversoul - Collective Soul
Soul Family

       It's important to understand that we're just one conscious-spark experiencing a human-life, and it's quite possible that there's another;  or multiple Lower-Selves from the same Over-Soul incarnate within the same reality--and at the same time.  Whether they're friends or family, foes or mortal enemies--it still doesn't take away from the fact that you're all are apart of the same "Soul-Family" (SF).


        When we procreate to have children, our off-spring may-be a member of our SF, or a soul-spark from a different OS altogether;  and likewise for that best friend you grew up with, or the blood-enemy you're still dealing with to-this day.  Most "new-sparks" incarnate as duos for the sole-purpose of starting the "family-branch".  These soul-sparks plan their lives within higher realms, and incarnate into separate "earth-families" with the


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Two knights face off, one armed with a warhammer and the other with a sword.
A gothic gate with white light in the doorway, the background is split between light and darkness.
A brave knight faces off with a monstrosity of a dragon, at the edge of a cliff.

prime-intent of finding each-other to procreate and open portals for SF members through the "bloodline."  Before you know it, there'll be multiple Soul-Family members incarnate at any given time--hundreds or even thousands if possible.


        What's even more dumbfounding is the fact that there may-be soul-sparks present within realms outside the ROM--your cat or dog, even the tree in your front-yard could be a member of your soul-family.  If there are "other-animals" or plant-life present within the domain of the Over-Soul then they're either thought forms--or sentient soul-sparks who've experienced an incarnation(s) in lower dimensions.  The "Ancestral Realm" is the OS, and it's where all of our "illuminated" deceased-relatives reside.


        Now if the above information isn't amazing, then attempt to fathom this;  most of us are actually one half of a soul-spark--while our other half either remains with Higher-Self, or simultaneously-incarnates.  "Twin-Flame Energy" is realized when we spiritually-unite the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, or physically-unite with our "other-half"--the missing portion of our soul-spark.  Some of us incarnate solely as masculine beings, and others as feminine--there are even those of us whom manifest as "True Androgynous";  nevertheless, we're all androgynous within the 6th Dimension.

The 6th Dimension

        The "Place to Be", 6th Dimensional Reality is the "Be-all End-all" in regards to singular-consciousness;  I personally haven't witnessed it while incarnate, but the 5th Dimensional "travels" I've experienced infers this to be true.  The "Soul-Plane" is a combination of micro/macro reality in the most abstract-way fathomable by any 3 - 5D life-form.  Micro-6D is represented in the communion of ALL possible aspects of "ones-self";  here, you'll experience "all that YOU can be"--and everything native to this particular "Realm" are different variations of Higher-Selves within an OS.


        Macro-6D, in essence--is the culmination of all Over-Souls as singular, yet interdependent domains;  macro-reality within 6D "is" the "Universe", and micro-reality is representative of the "Worlds" within-it.  If there was a "Real World", then the 6th Dimension would be it;  although, and ironically--this dimension is still an illusion in relation to The All.  Every dimension below the soul-plane is illusory in comparison to it, and likewise--all dimensions above 6D are "intangible" by-nature.  Just as we perceive 4 - 6D as intangible from a 3D perspective, the same applies when we attempt to fathom 7 - 9D reality from a 6th Dimensional standpoint;  so for the remainder of this section, we'll build upon 6D as a tangible and concrete reality.

Your "Lordship"

        "Planet" Earth is an interesting World to live in, and that's an understatement.  From an ethereal perspective--Earth is a plane for a multitude of Over-Souls to intermingle within one "sphere", which would otherwise be nearly impossible within 6D.  Upon "discarding" the physical form, we're immediately faced with a decision;  traverse darkness or enter the light.  Both paths may possibly lead to another incarnation, however--one of them almost certainly-will.


        The astral and mental planes are impermanent, only maintained by the soul-energy operating within these elemental-spiritual realities;  and there's two-sides--two different ways to experience them after

Your Lordship - The Soul-Plane

changing-form.  One path involves communion with "familiar-spirits", most of which are thought-forms and/or shades of the former "thing" you're interacting with;  rarely are you communicating with the soul-spark of another.  The other path is reminiscent of an "After-Party", where there's many soul-sparks populating 4th and 5th Dimensional "space";  one road leads to a most certain dead-end, while the other requires illumination to find a way "out"--and it's up to you to decide which path you'll take.

        Your "Lordship" is the "Final-Destination" in relation to both the aforementioned paths, it's "home" in regards to singular consciousness;  the name of this "plane" is the "Unspeakable-Name" of your Over-Soul, and there's also a name attributable to your Higher-Self.  Imagine an entire planet filled with soul-relatives, so many and varied that you'll not find a duplicate within a trillion individuals.  Within this domain, you're but a single-cell within a body--and that body is essentially the 7th Dimensional you.  The only possible way to enter the soul-plane is to achieve enlightenment within a life-time, and there's no way around it;  if unaccomplished, the individual will be due for another incarnation within the ROM.  On a different spectrum, the universal bliss of this dimension is indescribable, and the main path towards it may be discovered by expressing a simple ethic--"treat others as you would treat yourself."

The Abyss
The Abyss - Darkness of the Soul

        Any attempt to describe dimensions above the soul-plane from a 3D perspective are unavailing, but nonetheless--I'll do my best in detailing the dynamics of 6 - 7D reality.  Picture it this way, time within 6D is a "non-factor", and there's no movement in space as we currently perceive it;  the only thing that exists within 6D are "resonant frequencies."  "The Abyss" is representative of the interaction and/or communication between "Soul-Worlds".  Everything that hypothetically "isn't" you, exists within the Abyss--though ultimately, this too is an "illusion of separation."


       If "I" wanted to experience something outside the realm of my Over-Soul--I'd have to "willfully-manifest" that reality;  please understand that time literally doesn't exist

within the 6th Dimension, a second can equal one earth year, or vice-versa--it's all relative to the observer.  Time swiftly slows to a near-stop upon changing form, and reincarnations can occur within the blink of an eye when judged from a 3D perspective.  If I wanted to open a worm-hole and travel at light-speed to another Soul-World, or instantly-transmit myself there--it'd all be relative to the co-dependent realization of the interacting Over-Souls.

A dreamy night sky filled with clouds and stars, you have a birds eye view of clouds above and the clouds below.
A cloaked figure stands in the forest, mysterious.
A giant human brain absorbing electricity in the sky.

        The ability to "Master" time is much more potent within one's own world, as opposed to when interfacing with another--or multiple worlds.  More importantly, one world cannot simply "barge-in" on another--but may only interface with it through invitation and/or connection.  The Abyss is comprised of a theoretical-type of "Dark Matter", and all that's illuminated within it is one's own Over-Soul;  once departed from it, the only light you'll perceive is that which you left behind-- and/or the "Relative-World" that receives you.  Sparks whom choose to "interact" with the Abyss, do so at their own risk.

The "Gross" Spark

        If you've ever felt as if you were "something-else" trapped within a human-body, well--that makes two of us.  The Higher-Self represents the Soul-Force in it's entirety, and though we may channel some of this energy into our LS--there's a 99.9% probability that we'll never be able to invoke the full power of HS into our 3D-form.  The process of manifestation and incarnation goes as such;  the soul-spark departs from the HS within the 6th Dimension--this spark then descends into lower dimensions while forming relative bodies as it passes through them.  After forming a mental and emotional body, LS finally incarnates within a physical one--while remaining connected to HS by an "Umbilical-Like Cord."  Upon ascending back towards Higher-Self, we must relinquish the bodies we've acquired to their abodes of origin--until the soul-spark is eventually merged back with it's "progenitor."

Gross Spark - Higher and Lower Self

        The Universal state and condition of all Higher-Selves is "peace", and the spark is what experiences all realities outside of it's own.  Communication between HS and LS is a one-way street, as we may only receive information from-it through:  channeling, invocation, etc--and we can't notify HS as to what we're going through and/or experiencing because we're the message-itself.  HS may be comprised of TRILLIONS of individual life-times, and our present-one is simply a "trait" within that "pocket-dimension" of self.

        Upon merging back with HS, it'll be as if you'd just awoken from a dream;  and though we may want to believe we're Human--it's quite possible that you could awaken to a "Humanoid-Form", but not of the mammalian-type.  The "Gross-Spark" is the culmination of all life-times experienced by a singular Higher-Self, and it's appearance is the outward expression of the collected-experiences.  Your past human life could be represented as an additional Feather of unknown-color manifest onto the wings on your back, and that may have been it's sole-purpose from a 6th Dimensional perspective.

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