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The Multiverse

By:  Domin'Theos

The multiverse, expanse of time and space.  Image of multiple-duplicate universes on a flat plane.

        Multiverse Theory at present, is approached from a 3rd Dimensional perspective--and I'll briefly detail the contemporary findings before we move on.  Here in 3D, we exist in a perpetual state of "space-time"--time representing the independent-element of 4D.  Basically, time is what makes 3D reality possible--if there was no time then there'd be no way to perceive movement within the three spatial dimensions (Length, Width & Height).  Time is eternal, this is a fact.  However, there are only a finite number of ways that particles can be arranged within space-time--and this creates the possibility for infinite physical universes;  if we could travel far enough from earth, we'd eventually run into another version of our self--and this is the general idea of Multiverse Theory.


        Even though the above theory is very interesting and deserves an article of it's own--understand that we won't approach the topic from a physical perspective, but from an ethereal one.  The Ethereal Multiverse (EM) is patterned after the contemporary version, but from a non-physical perspective--and actually picks up from where it's physical counterpart left off.  We exist within a set frequency band, where anything of the same frequency cannot occupy the same space as-it-- without colliding and/or intermingling.  Outside of this bandwidth, are alternate and/or entirely different versions of reality--the number of which are infinite.


        The realm of man (ROM) is just one frequency band within an infinity of bandwidths, the very space we occupy as physical and ethereal beings is also shared with realities of higher frequency.  Below, we'll discuss the dynamics of traversing the Ethereal Multiverse-- and reveal possibilities outside the ROM.

Realms and Frequencies

        If all the veils and layers of our multi-dimensional being were peeled-away, "existence" as we "know it" would cease--and just "be."  The "Original Substance" or "Density", was the first creation--and from there we've descended into more dense forms until our eventual incarnation into a 3D body was "realized."  The realm of man is but one among many within it's operating frequency band, some we can see with our own two eyes--while others require just "one."  For example, we can see a rock even though it's independent of the realm of man, and only connected to us due to the fact that it's a "rock" vibrating at a frequency "perceivable" to us;  if you were to view the rock from an uninhibited-elemental perspective, it'd appear as if it were glowing and crawling with "light."


        The above mentioned rock may possibly be one of the most dense forms of elemental existence, and our physical bodies the most dense within the ROM--we coexist amongst each-other due to similar frequency.  Even more, the rock may have an "operator" within it--oscillating to a different frequency invisible to the naked human-eye.  The rock that we see could very well be the vessel for an "intelligence" independent of the ROM to inhabit;  and likewise for us in regard to the physical-body.


        Understand that just because we as "humans" have a universal blueprint upon which we may "recognize" each-other--it's important to realize that the human-body is just a vessel, and a "humanoid" one at that.  The Humanoid form denotes any upright-sentient being/entity with:  two legs, two arms and one head.  However, the operating intelligence within doesn't have to be a "denizen" of the realm of man--and may just be a 3rd Dimensional "participant" of-it;  within higher dimensions or "frequencies", the person you thought was a human-being could be an entity from an entirely different "realm."

Operating frequency, the inner self.  An image of a business man and prospect.  The business mans shadow appears as a demon, and the man notices
1 + 1 = 3
Multiverse, parallel realities.  Image of a man peering off into the distance, and his parallel self is just out of reach of optical view.

        Recall the elemental reference used earlier, and keep it in mind because we're going to build-upon it using the "7 Hermetic Principles".  3D reality as we know it, is the result of various higher-compounded dimensions;  basically, the first creation replicated "within itself" until the 3rd Dimension was manifest.  In the following paragraphs, I'll attempt to describe the creation of the ROM through the 7 Hermetic Principles:  Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause-Effect and Gender.


        The mind is all, and the universe is mental;  everything sources from mind.  The first creation sourced from "the all" was one of correspondence, and was accomplished by "manifesting" two separate--yet equal "forces";  those being the elemental and spiritual forces.  The elemental force represents "light-matter" and the spiritual represents "dark-matter", both "vibrating" at separate yet similar frequencies.  Without a formative element, there would be nothing to "experience"--and this is where the principle of polarity comes into-play.  Without light, how would we be able to formulate an idea of what "darkness" is?  Light is essentially created from darkness--both being the polar opposite of each-other.


        The principle of rhythm is represented in the dance between light and dark--as when one dissipates, the other appears;  which also generates a sense of "cause and effect."  However you perceive this last principle, you're right nonetheless--but the first creation of light from darkness may be viewed as our first father, mother and child "experience";  and no matter what "gender" you attribute to mother or father, we can all agree that the experience of "self" represents the child born from the union of the two.

        In a nutshell, our physical bodies are the product of elemental reality--and its animating energy is a product of the spiritual.  These hermetic principles play out from source, all the way down to our own physical mothers and fathers--whilst factors from higher dimensions associated with these principles trickle down as well;  hence, nothing happens by chance--and there are no such things as mistakes or coincidence.

Deus Ex Machina

        The term "Deus Ex Machina" (DEM) is derived from Latin and Greek, which means "god from the machine."  Everything sentient MUST have a vessel to inhabit, no matter it's density.  Deus Ex Machina represents the GOD within, and every "perceivably" sentient-vessel has a residing God-Force;  although, we must keep in mind that a sentient being-entity may not always "spiritually-operate" from it's 3D vessel.  For example, the combination of elements and spirit is what led to the manifestation of our physical-form--and most of us operate from within our 3D vessel.  On the flip-side, a tree is a sentient being-entity as well--and might not operate from 3D like we do, but from a higher spiritual-dimension;  it may be possible to communicate with the "conscious" aspect of the tree within the astral plane (4D) or even higher.


      Denizens of the "Fairy Kingdom" include various wild, insect and plant-life--plus much more.  Faeries range from miniature in size, to enormous--depending upon the type and class;  and we co-exist multi-dimensionally with the Fairy Realm--it's also the closest in proximity to the ROM before any other.  Bees are in a sense the architects of the Fairy Realm and certain aspects of "our world" as well, they pollinate a multitude of plants and crop--without them those same plants and crops would disappear too.  Even in 3D form, Bees are sentient-conscious creatures;  and they have "higher-selves"--or greater representations of being within their "realm of origin", just like we do.


        The ROM and Fairy Realm are only two of the main "worlds" on Earth, and there's a multitude of commingling Realms that occupy this particular piece of space-time--and many, many more occupying what is "time-space";  the latter of which represent everything outside the bounds of 3 - 4D reality (space-time).  This section will describe the dynamics of DEM, both in and outside of physical reality.

"Beasts" of the "Field"

        It's a fact that we're all "Beasts", as the composition of our physical form is no different than any-other biological "animal."  There's a Biblical reference towards "The Beast" whose number is 666--which literally translates to Carbon-12;  one of the five elements of Human-DNA that's composed of 6:  protons, electrons and neutrons--we literally are the beast.


        The "Quantum Field" of any physical-sentient being represents the elemental template through which an intelligence manifests itself.  For example, the very reason an Alligator is "what it appears to be"--is due to the fact that the "spiritual-signature" of the intelligence inhabiting that particular "beast-form", matches perfectly with it;  if you were to view the light inhabiting that vessel from a 3D-elemental perspective, it'd resemble the shape and behaviorisms of an Alligator.  The aforementioned break-down may be used to explain how we're "able" to manifest into our Humanoid form as well.


        The Beast we inhabit is a near-perfect machine through which sentient-intelligence may experience and/or express their version of "Humanity"--and the link is established by-way of the ideal mind, body and spirit connection.  An alligator can't mistakenly wind up in a human-body due to some ethereal mistake, and vice-versa for a human;  there are specific requirements to be met, those of which are determined by the spiritual-signature of that particular intelligence.


        Subatomic and quasi-particles are what comprise the quantum field of any particular "thing", and the prototypical arrangement is what determines what form the intelligence commanding "the-unit" may inhabit.

The quantum field, blueprint to humanity.  Image of galaxies and universes outlined as a human being.
Merkabah, the light body.  Image of a multi-dimensional shape, in upwards of 9 dimensions.
The Light Body (Merkabah)

        Ever had a dream that felt so real, you didn't know if you were asleep--or awake?  Well, the reality of the previously mentioned scenario is based in the Light-Body (LB) or "Merkabah."  The LB is represented in the totality of our Quantum Field, it's who we are as a spiritual being-entity;  the elements borrowed to form our physical bodies are what encapsulate the "core" of this energy--as it's bioluminescence extends beyond the constraints of the vessel.  The controller of this dual-form, is mind or "consciousness"--it's "you."  We aren't our body, nor are we the energy that animates it--we're simply the "GOD" of whatever form we inhabit;  and the data or "experience" received by it is imprinted onto the first light-creation--which is soul.


        Soul is pure-light, and the LB represents a lesser light--though it's termed as the "Greater Light";  and finally, the elemental form is what's called the "lesser-light."  Traversing the multi-verse is a one-way process, and there's no way to turn around--you must go forward when descending, and reverse when ascending.  To paint a better picture while remaining in the deep end of study, we'll use the previously mentioned Hermetic realm of man break-down as a template towards explaining the process of ascent--and descent within the Multiverse.


        The dimensions of a Merkabah are relative to it's "incarnate" form, so for example;  as a 3D human, my LB would resonate on a 3D frequency--hence taking a 3D shape/form.  If I were to have an OBE or lucid dream, it'd change shape as well to correspond to whatever dimension I'm "inhabiting."  So in a nutshell, upon descent from 9D to 8D--a LB was formed as an animating principle, and an elemental form was manifest to serve as it's vessel;  the process repeated until we manifest the 3D physical form.

The only way up from here, is to shift frequency to an elemental-form that vibrates on a higher frequency than our present one--which would require the proper tuning of our Light-Body;  once properly configured, the elemental requisites for creating the higher-form to inhabit will gather into a complete vessel for spirit to inhabit--and mind to control.

The Original "Sin"

        Typically, when we think of "Original Sin"--we equate it to the first "evil-act" committed by a human-being;  this just isn't true.  Original Sin is an allegorical reference to the "First Creation", which is the creation of "time" itself.  A "Sine" Wave, by definition--is "a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation."  So for example, every second that passes in 3D--transpires due to the frequency of this particular "plane";  at a higher frequency-plane, one "earth" second could translate into one minute--and so on.  The pattern of seconds-passed viewed as a sine-wave, will show as a smooth and consistent pattern of wave oscillations.  If you've ever felt as if time has sped up, or slowed down--it could very well be due to the rise or decreasing of Earths frequency.


       The by-product manifest through the creation of time, can be perceived as light and dark;  and these two principles have found their off-shoot representations in the ROM through ideas such as:  Good/Evil, Right/Wrong, Happy/Sad, etc.  The Multiverse does not "honor" or "compensate" any-side or party to such ideologies, chaos chooses no-side.  If there were a universal polarity that can be utilized to judge the disposition of an opposing energy, it'd be Malevolence Vs Benevolence;  and neither are what you think they are-- at-least in regards to the perspective of a human-being.  In this section, we'll detail characteristics that separate the two opposing "parties"-- while connecting them as being "two sides of the same coin."


        From a purely physical viewpoint, anything "Malevolent" would find representation in things that are:  bad, evil, malicious, etc.  The perfect, yet unfortunate example of describing an instance of the "intent" that generates malevolent-energy--would go as such;  a "creepy" adult offers an unsupervised-child some candy from within a work-van, but with conditional-stipulations--the child must "accompany" the adult to a predetermined "locale" in order to receive it.  Upon reaching the "destination", the malevolent entity-being may then proceed to launch it's "program".


        The "range" that encompasses all things malevolent is blatantly obvious in comparison to the outward expression of it's "polar" opposite.  Modalities present within this "pillar" are executed with little--to no room for "diversion";  as showing any sign of a "change of heart", may result in expulsion from the "crew"-- and/or "deletion."  The following paragraph will briefly detail the intricate-workings of the "Band of Malevolence."


        The prison-industrial complex is a breeding-ground for malevolent energy, and was designed to cultivate it--benevolence within such an institution is "far and thin", and that's just "the way it is."  There's no room for mistakes or failures as an inmate within prison, and all "violations" are dealt with swift action in the form of violence;  and even if the problem could have been solved by "talking it out", the model of the institute itself demands blood as payment--as opposed to a mutual thought-reconciliation.  The overall model of such a "domain" is sourced in malevolence--regardless as to whether or not you "feel" or "think" differently.


        The previously mentioned scenario is but a basic synopsis of the inner-workings of malevolence, and it's simply the polar opposite of it's "sibling."  The way things are handled on this side of the fence, differ from the other side;  yet, both represent the same energy--but different approaches to the practice and/or manifestation of-it.

Malevolence, fear based reality.  Image of a very malevolent looking woman.
Benevolence, love based reality.  Image of a loving elder woman.

        Contrary to it's perceivably "savage" counter-part--those of the "Benevolent" type appear to be more "mellow" in their approach towards the "exchange" of energy;  an example of which would go as such;  Grandma usually keeps all the "goodies and sweets" displayed on the kitchen counter, and it's up to you to "make your way" to the goods.  There's one of two ways you'll receive your portion--you can either steal them, which would result in some sort of punishment or "bondage" if caught;  or, you could complete the necessary "rites of passage" required to receive your "prize."  No matter what path you take, you'll still be giving energy to the being-entity that "presented" the "opportunity" to you.


        Assuming you follow the set rules and guidelines for receiving said-prize, there's still factors that may be perceived as malevolent acts--even though they weren't initiated as such.  For example, the constant consumption of sugar filled sweets may result in cavities or other medical complications in the future;  and whether or not "Grandma" knew this would be a potential outcome--the fact remains that it "happened" due to the exposure to the "products and services" presented by her.

        Understand that ideologies such as good and evil, right and wrong--are just concepts;  the "physical" outcome of either-side is always initiated by-way of aggression or docility--always remember that both sides are opposites to the same "coin."  The middle path, is--and will always be the path to "True-Light."

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