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The Elements
Matter - The Elements

By:  Domin'Theos

        During the first few weeks and/or months of being on Earth, we spend a great deal of that time gaining an understanding of "The Elements."  For example, unless completely sheltered from the experience--we have to touch something very-hot to realize that it burns, or fall a certain distance in order to begin to understand gravity.  Most would associate the Elements with:  earth, air, fire and water--which are indeed parts of the whole;  however, the entirety of this mode of creation includes much more.


        Imagine being the first pair of human-beings incarnate on a 3rd Dimensional "plane" rich with animal-life and vegetation, while having full wisdom of soul and spirit--but lacking knowledge of the new-found "Elemental-Environment";  what do you think would be first on the list of priorities?  Well, some of those tasks may include food, clothing and shelter--just to name a few;  and later down the line, time would spawn ideas such as:  science, culture, technology, and etc--all of which require the Elements in order to "realize" and/or "manifest" these facets of "life."


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        Before you know it, material-compositions will be broken-down into particulates--and the forces associated with them will be speculated upon and categorized;  ultimately, they'd realize that there's a "glue" holding everything together.  In this section, we'll briefly detail elemental-reality from a scientific-perspective.  The topic itself is very misunderstood in-relation to consciousness and/or spirituality, hopefully this article will spark greater-insight;  so before we dive in from an ethereal-perspective, let's gain a basic-scientific understanding of what's known as the Elements.




Matter - Particles and Forces

        We're taught that "Normal-Matter "consists of atoms, and those atoms are made of subatomic-particles which are:  protons, neutrons and electrons--however;  this brief explanation doesn't explain how they come together to form reality as we know it.  To begin, protons and neutrons are comprised of quarks, but electrons aren't--both electrons and quarks cannot be formed out of any smaller particle, which makes them "fundamental particles" existing as and of themselves.  A "Gluon" is another fundamental-particle, but this one acts as the exchange-particle for "strong" force between quarks--it literally glues quarks together to form protons and neutrons.  Hopefully you get the idea as to how the simplest building blocks of life come together to form a basic atom, as these fundamental building-blocks coalesce to form everything we perceive with the six-senses.

Subatomic Particles and Forces

        There are four "Fundamental-Forces", which are:  gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak force.  Whenever there's an interaction between two objects, a force is enacted upon each of them;  when the interaction ceases--they'll no-longer experience the force.  The average human-body is the estimated sum of 7*1027 particles held together by quantum-forces, thats the number 7 followed by 27 zeros;  hydrogen, oxygen and carbon are three of the atoms that make up 99% of these particles--all of which comprise our "Quantum-Field."  Even visible-light is composed of particles known as photons, and though massless--they still exert energy and momentum in a material-realm.

        "Anti-Matter" is the complete opposite of normal matter, allegedly non-existent within a "stable-condition" in our universe;  meaning, it cannot be contained in 3rd Dimensional Reality.  By definition, it represents molecules formed by atoms--consisting of:  anti-protons, anti-neutrons and positrons.  Electrons are "free-particles", meaning they don't have to be bound to the nucleus of an atom to "exist"--and they carry a negative charge;  the protons within the nucleus of an atom carry a positive charge which sets the electron in orbit along the outer-boundary.  "Positrons" are the anti-material form of electrons, as they carry a positive-charge and orbit counter-clockwise around the negatively-charged nucleus of an atom.  Anti-Matter represents the "alternate" version of normal-matter, vibrating at a slightly-higher frequency just outside the range of physical-perception.


        Finally, we reach the last two factors relative to the Realm of Man--which are dark:  matter and energy, both being hypothetical-types of particle and force.  Normal matter only makes up 4.9% of occupied-space within the universe, while dark-matter accounts for 95.1% of total-mass.  Although, it hasn't been directly-observed--its existence and properties are inferred from its "influential" effects on the motions of visible matter.  Dark-energy is hypothesized to permeate all of space, and is believed to accelerate the expansion of the universe;  its total-energy accounts for 68.3% of the observable-universe--while the mass-energy of normal and dark matter contributes the rest.  At-present, not much is known about dark matter and energy--however;  a reasonable hypothesis may infer that all normal-matter may just be the by-product of them-both.

The Lesser Light

        7th Dimensional Reality represents the Cosmic-Trinity of:  Soul, Spirit and Body--and is the first manifestation of "Lesser-Light."  Understand, the elements have their representative-form in every dimension below 7D--and so does spirit.  Variations in frequency are what separates visible-matter from it's dark-counterpart,  and the slight-decrease in vibration provided by-way of our physical form represents the "veil" between the-two;  also, it's possible to tap-into the dark-matter portion of our elemental-form and activate the energy contained within-it to our benefit--or detriment.  There's an absolute-reason why dark-matter accounts for more than 95% of the visible-universe, and it could very-well be that those of us whom temporarily-dwell within normal-matter are simply existing in a pocket-dimension of 3D reality--the whole of it may just exist outside of the visible-light spectrum.

The "Dense" Body
Normal Matter - The Dense Body

        The "Dense-Body" is a biochemical machine, an entity in and of itself--this vessel is comprised entirely of elemental-particulates, all of which consists of normal-matter.  We absolutely are not our body, we're simply in possession of it;  and once its total-mass may no-longer be maintained--the interactions between particles that kept it together will cease, freeing them to go their separate ways.  Nonetheless, the state and condition of-it while active is totally dependent upon the "Operator" within-it;  meaning, the cap of its total-mass and mass-energy involves a mixture of genetics and physical-discipline--spirit is the threshold-factor that takes the body above and beyond normal-limitations, or inflicts detriments upon it.


        Every Dimension from the 7th down requires an elemental-body to exist within-it, so for instance--we as human-beings may have a:  physical, astral and causal body--all of which correspond with 3 - 5D reality.  Each of our dense-bodies within any dimension are comprised of the natural-elements required to forge a vessel based upon the "incarnating-template", and in our case as operational 3D vessels--this transpired within the womb of our mother.  Abandoning our current vessel creates the need to be reborn through another-one--and whether of higher, similar or lower frequency is entirely dependent upon ones spiritual-energy.

The "Chakra" System

        "The Human Chakra-System" is an intricate series of channels and/or connections that allows for the flow of Dark-Energy (Spirit);  and for the most part, "Chakras" correspond with the normal-matter composition of our physical-form--very few are relative to the "Subtle-Body."  There are 7 main chakras, and an estimated 114 total within the human-form--these energy centers transmute "Vital-Force" into "Vital-Essence."


        The complex-structure and dynamics of the human-body is a marvel to say the least, and the Chakra-System only adds to its wonder.  Chakras aren't something you can extract by-surgery, or view through a microscope;  they're essentially "white" and "black" holes, serving as the processing station for spiritual-energy.  The ability to manipulate and/or influence the four "Elements of Life" (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) is based-upon the condition of the Chakras, and the ability to channel\transmit Dark-Energy corresponds with ones spiritual-state.  These energy-centers may cooperate with each-other, or function on a singular basis in any given moment.  Below, we'll list the seven main-chakras from the bottom-up and give a brief description of their attributes.

7 Chakras of the Human Body
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  •     Root (Red Chakra)


        Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is best represented as the center of our "primal-nature."  The impulse to survive and be secure in ones environment stems from the root-chakra, a prime example would be the act of killing another sentient-being to prolong ones own-life.  Though on average--the need for food, clothing and shelter usually exhausts the energy of our root-chakra on a daily basis.


  •     Sacral (Orange Chakra)


        This chakra is the center of desire, no matter if the object-of is pain or pleasure--all sense of desire is sourced here.  Located in the pelvic area, it's perfectly fine to assume that sexual desire stems from the root-chakra due to the fact that our genitals are located there--but this just isn't true;  as the desire is first sourced in the sacral and either travels up towards the crown, or descends directly towards the root for "elimination."


  •     Solar (Yellow Chakra)


        The center of control located between the navel and solar-plexus, this chakra is associated with our sense of personal power and/or control.  When active and healthy, the individual will express personal:  strength, courage, willpower and etc.  An inactive and/or deplete solar-chakra denotes powerlessness to control ones own life, leaving the task up for another to fulfill.


  •     Heart (Green Chakra)


        A perfect example of this chakra in-action would be "Fight or Flight Mode", the choice to run from a confrontation or deal with it head-on.  Most would like to believe that the heart-chakra deals with love-alone, which is a falsehood--as hate and a multitude of emotions are sourced here as well.  Ofcourse, this chakra is located at the center of the chest near the heart.


  •     Throat (Blue Chakra)


        Words when vocalized create sound, which are in essence vibrations--when we use words to communicate there are two messages delivered;  one is the intended message carried through sound, and the other is the actual message received as vibration.  Located at the throat, this chakra is the center for energy transfer through vocalized communication.


  •     Third Eye (Indigo Chakra)


        Located on the forehead between the eyes, the third-eye chakra is responsible for insight.  If you've ever been in a state of deep-thought, and then all of a sudden an insightfully-creative idea came to mind--it's more than likely that this energy center played a major-role in the process.


  •     Crown (Violet Chakra)


        The crown-chakra is based in intuition, the ability to immediately understand something without the need for conscious reasoning denotes the use of crown-energy.  Located at the top of the head, this chakra functions in unison with the pineal gland--healthy and active crown-activity is expressed as peace and wisdom.

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The "Subtle" Body
Subtle Body Image

        The "Ethereal-Doppelganger" of the physical-form, our Subtle-Body represents its "Containment-Field"--without which, quantum-particles would have no means of interaction.  Hypothetically, darkness-itself moves faster than the speed of light--and the Subtle-Body is "Dark-Matter";  its presence eludes-perception due to the fact that our focal-point of view is normally the visible light-spectrum.  In truth, Dark-Matter permeates 100% of all existence--its presence within the visible-light spectrum is "Anti-Matter";  and theoretically, visible-light can be deemed illusory.


        When we lie-down to sleep, this body hovers above the more-dense physical-one while connected to-it by an umbilical-like cord.  "Projections" occur when we shift conscious-frequency from our most-dense physical body to the lesser, at which point the-mind inhabits its 3D incarnating-template (Subtle-Body).  Afterwards, the mind projects outside-of 3D-reality entirely--inhabiting the "Merkabah" while traversing higher-dimensions.


        Dreams occur just the same, minus the "conscious" mind-split experience.  While our "normal-body" is resting, the Subtle-Body maintains a connection with spirit-soul;  this body is always active, and there'd be no way for us to sleep if it wasn't "ejected"

from our normal-one beforehand.  Somewhere throughout the sleep-cycle, the mind becomes conscious that it's no-longer in 3D reality--and this is how we dream.  The "Soul-Spark" operating within its incarnate-vessel never leaves its "throne", and while we sleep it remains housed within the "Pineal-Gland."  The majority of lucid-dream experiences are moments of spontaneous conscious-awakenings within more Subtle-Bodies, and it's ones own "psycho-spirit" that's being-projected--not ones-self;  as in order for an individual to truly-experience a higher-dimension--they'd require the full elemental-form to do so.


        The Subtle-Body isn't immortal, but the sole-product of the the incarnate-dimension it spawned from--it's the field of interaction between quantum-particles, both go hand-in-hand.  Once the dense body begins to degenerate, the requirements of its field also begin to lessen--until the need for it at all just ceases to be.  The period of time by-which human-beings may inhabit the Subtle-Body after shedding its greater-density can vary anywhere between a few minutes, to a few days.  In lack of a physical-body, the field itself can only be maintained by the will of the mind and power of spirit--and being that the 3rd Dimension is the most dense reality possible, it's extremely difficult to maintain the Etheric Form without "proper-mass."

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