The All

By:  Domin'Theos

The All - Creation of Parallel Universes

        We've reached the Ethereal-Reality Series-Finale, the series-itself was designed to act as a basic-template for mapping the ethereal-realm;  and there is no standard road-map--as the ability to traverse higher-dimensions is accomplished from within.  One person may express astral-sight, having the ability to see into the astral-realm from a 3rd Dimensional-Plane--while another must project his/her consciousness there in-order to experience-it;  but either-way, both accomplished the same feat which is shifting consciousness from one dimension to another--the possibilities are truly-endless.


        In terms of "human-being", physical reality is the most dense-reality possible.  For most of us, dreams are the first glimpses into realities more subtle than our own--and it's during these dream-sequences that we begin to explore and/or cultivate our ethereal-abilities.  When taken a step-further, we may project our "psycho-spiritual" self into higher-dimensions--which is the equivalent of lucid-dreaming on steroids.


        There's a multitude of ways to pierce the physical-veil into more subtle-realities, what works for me may not have the same effect in your practices--and vice-versa.  "The-All" represents the "Cosmic-Body", the culmination of worlds, galaxies and the universe itself as both a micro and macro-cosmic entity.  In order to comprehend the reality of such a force we'd have to lose all sense of self in the oneness of The-All;  and by relinquishing the "Supreme" and/or "Demiurgic" layers we've acquired through descending into lesser dimensions--we're able to reconnect with our true and original state of being.

Duality of Creation - Parallel Universes

        Why were we created, who made us and how did they do it?  Everything from the Big-Bang Theory to Creationism attempts to explain how we got here, and why we still exist;  however, neither side of the pole can come together to even establish one simple and universal-truth.  It's up to us to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and it'd be-wise to gather information from the "bigger-picture"--as opposed to an enclosed-ideology;  this isn't to say that being secure in ones wisdom is a bad thing, but it is to say that there is no "one-way"--and the very dynamics of creation itself involves a collective-effort.  There's truth in all knowledge, and it takes conscious-discernment to separate the "wheat from the tare" when it comes to the interpretation and decoding of information.  From what I've gathered over the past two decades, the Soul is the creator of all things--and the Mind is Soul.


        There's two sides of creation, one is original and the other is a copy of-it;  the Soul is eternal and everlasting--it's the GOD of both modes of creation.  The original-creation is one of magic and wonder, yet this is the norm within its sphere of existence--it's 100% perfect.  It was the first manifestation "within" The-All and found its completion as a threefold multi-verse, picture it this way;  everything within the realm of Soul is "you", there is no outside influence or manipulation involved--this is the only light you know and everything outside of you is darkness.  Then and all of a sudden, you begin to interact with "forces" outside of yourself and the darkness that once lingered on the outer-boundaries of your domain are now illuminated by the light of another--this is the original-creation.


        The Counterfeit-Creation is one of lesser-potential, and though it's as close to perfect as can be--99.9% to be exact;  it's still inherently-flawed--as that .01% makes a "universe" of difference in regards to the operational-dynamics of-it.  There are many ideologies and theories as to why a lesser-universe was created and fashioned after the greater-one, though ultimately--all roads lead to the principle of duality.

Universe A

        If you can believe it then you can achieve it, and there's no greater-experience of this fact than from within Universe-A.  Abilities such as:  flight, manifestation, super-strength, hyper-intelligence, etc are common-place here--the imagination rules this universe.  Sure, logic and concreteness has it's place on this side of creation;  although, the dynamics as to how the universal principles of creation are realized is totally independent of these factors.  Simply "knowing" how subatomic-particles come together to form an atom is enough to "command" the matter and energy associated with it--you are the technology within this universe;  here--the ability to "force" elemental-matter and spiritual-energy will find its limit within the mind.


        The collective-reality of Universe-A is purely-mental, and ones "lot" within-it is entirely dependent upon the quality of soul--and quantity of spirit.  It's possible to live-out what seems to be an eternity as a cave-man, or the life of a God--all experience within this universe is relative to ones ability to manipulate and/or influence the collectively-accepted Vital-Force that permeates-it.  So for example, Joe the Quantum-Physicist from Universe-B expressed the intellect of a genius within his field--yet;  if Joe is devoid of ample soul-force and lacks spiritual-intensity, his intelligence may translate into Universe-A as that of a cave-man--and this is because he lacks the "spirit" to contain the quantum-aspects within-it, as well as the "mind" to command them.  The elemental and spiritual-principles of Universe-A are subject to The-Creator, not the other-way around.

Universe A - The Original Creation
Universe B
Universe B - The Counterfeit Creation

        Here, 1 + 1 equals 2--and there's no way around it.  Universe-B is based-in a collective-reality that accepts the logic of density as its relative-genesis, and to be quite honest--it does so to a near-perfect degree.  For the majority of us, this universe is where we spend most of our "time"--and the rules of its domain are clear-cut, ignorance of these ruling-principles most certainly results in folly.  If there's no "matter" beneath you, chances are you're going to descend--the odds of this happening are against you to the ratio of 99.9%.  The elemental-principle is the presiding-lord of Universe-B, and the creator of-it is subject to its dominion.  Spirituality represents the remainder of .01%;  and though this amount appears to be minute--a millionth of its sum will stand-out, even on the micro-cosmic level.


        Let's assume there's a Cosmic-Lord of Universe-A that found its way to the B-Side, we'll call her Lilly;  the possibility of her transferring the Vital-Essence of a Cosmic-Being in a way that's properly-translated is slim-to-none.  The fundamental-dynamics of Universe-B are the complete opposite of its counterpart, though by-proxy universal-law--there's always a "way-out";  and whether fortunately or otherwise, the window for going "against the grain" on this side of creation is minuscule--.01% to be exact.

Standard Occult Model

        There's a variety of models that attempt to map the universe and its dimensions, for instance--the standard 12 dimensional-model of metaphysics professes the 12th as representative of The-All and the 1st-Dimension to be the realm of quantum-physics;  the standard 9 dimensional-model of gnosticism claims the highest dimension is again The-All--and the lowest is likewise home to quantum-reality.


        Contrary to the two previously mentioned standard-models, there exists another--one that may only be traversed and mapped from within;  this model excludes the fundamental-dynamics of creation as domains, and instead--it concentrates on the source-itself which is the mind or "soul".  In truth, there are only seven known-dimensions of sentient and conscious-being;  and the creation-factors that act as the foundation of any particular dimension are either attributable to elemental or spiritual reality--dark-matter and/or dark-energy.  In this section, we'll briefly detail the 7 Occult Dimensions and provide the name of their corresponding-realms based upon the 9 dimensional-model of spirituality.

Demiurgic Realms
  •     Physical Realm | 7th World (3rd Dimension)


        Planet-Earth as we know it--its:  beauty, wonder and everything in-it comprises the Physical Realm.  The need to provide our body with sustenance and rest--as well as the task of excretion are all products of carnal-reality;  and these are the 3 prime-factors involved with the maintenance of our physical-body within this realm.  Aspects such as:  procreation, scholarship, fitness, etc--are sub-prime factors relative to the continuity of our incarnate-form within the constraints of time.  Being the most dense inhabitable-reality for sentient-life, it's clear and evident that survival is the default-goal of any incarnate life-form;  and in the case of human-beings--all other goals are subordinate to survival pre-enlightenment.


        Within its domain, time is lord--and the participatory-nature of the elements are subject to-it.  Spirituality is best expressed from an inner-standpoint within the 7th World, as its outward expression is essentially a non-factor;  and by-default--it supports the quantum-field of the elemental-form at the very least.

The Demiurge - The Grim Cycle of Death
Astral Realm - Plane of Emotion
  •     Astral Realm | 6th World (4th Dimension)


        If you've ever encountered an individual whose expression was heartless and/or soulless--well;  in essence, they have the right to-be.  The "idea" of emotion finds its source from within the 6th-World, and the intensity of its expression is entirely dependent upon ones access to-it.  Essentially, the human-form is an animal-one--and our idea of emotion varies-greatly, especially when compared to other animal-life.


        In similar-fashion as to how the physical requisites necessary for our carnal-survival are priority within that realm, so is-it imperative that emotional channels and/or connections are "delivered."  The "ebb and flow" of this realm has more to do with the transference of the emotional-frequency than it has to do with survival, and if you've ever loved and/or hated "something"--all events that led to "closure" in-regards to the experience should provide proper insight as to the operational-dynamics of the 6th-World when reflected upon with conscious-mind.

  •     Causal Realm | 5th World (5th Dimension)


        Imagine what it'd be like if every-single thought that crossed your mind is manifested right before your eyes, and how would you operate within such an environment;  would you deem yourself a generator, destroyer or both?  The Causal Realm is inhabited and traversed by-way of raw mental-force, notions of emotion and/or mortality are of little-effect here;  "whatever man thinks of itself, so shall it-be"--and there's no greater representation of this fact from within the Demiurgic-Universe than the reality of the Causal Realm.


        Within the 5th-World, thoughts find their immediate outward-expression--the environment in its entirety is the product of the singular and/or collective thought(s) of all sentient-life involved.  Concise forms of thought will lead to the mastery and inevitable transcendence of the Causal Realm, and quite literally--it's impossible to experience this realm while incarnate without ample Self Gnosis;  though ultimately, the reality of this dimension while discarnate will correspond to ones resonant-frequency.

Causal Realm - Plane of Thought
The Divine-Source
The Eternal Soul - Realm of Eternity
  •     Solar Realm | 1st World (6th Dimension)


        The realm of eternity and the origin of all creation, the 1st-World is the domain of pure-light--the realm of the soul.  Within the Solar Realm, there is no sense of time or death--there's only the eternity of self.  The elemental and spiritual-principles necessary for the creation of worlds outside of-it do not apply here, and there is no sense of progress or stagnation--everything in this realm is "written in stone" and unchangeable from within-it.  The manifestations within Universe A and B are generated, operated and destroyed by the Divine-Source--only separated by polar-differentiations of frequency.  Picture it this way, the simple fact that there's a Demiurgic Planet-Earth means that there's a "Supreme" version of-it as well;  the incarnate-reality of Universe-B is the polar opposite of Universe-A.


        Archetypes with varying degrees of separation are what populate the entirety of the Solar Realm, and there is no deviation from the genesis of-it;  the only way to effectuate any sense of change is through incarnation, or "creation."  Once the cycle of life and death is complete, only then will the Solar Realm receive and accept the "proposal."  This world is where all of pre-creation resides--and the existence of it cannot be created or destroyed;  if an individual so-chooses, he or she can "live" within this realm forever and ever.

Supreme Realms
  •     Planetary Realm | 2nd World (7th Dimension)


        This dimension is similar to the physical realm in a variety of ways, for instance;  the elemental and spiritual principles are required for manifestation, and death is also a possibility.  However, the incarnate elemental-form of the Planetary Realm is inherently-immortal--and the choice to "perish" is more-so relative to the quantity of spiritual-energy that maintains-it.  Contrastingly, life is "given" through mental-procreation--newborns within the 2nd World are "thought-into" the womb of their mother as opposed to the carnal-way of impregnation;  this isn't to say that sex doesn't exist within the Supreme Realms, but it is to say that it's purpose is more a means of communication than reproduction.


        Imagine the world we currently live-in as a technological and scientific one, this is the collectively-accepted reality in the physical world;  now, flip the concept completely and you'll find the 2nd-World--the realm where spiritual-magic is the collectively-accepted reality.

Planetary Realm - Original Creation
Galactic Realm - Ascendent Power
  •     Galactic Realm | 3rd World (8th Dimension)


        The ascendant-reality to the 2nd-World, the Galactic Realm is based in pure-spiritual energy--and its elemental-vessel is subordinate to the intensity of its power;  this applies to:  people, places and things as-well.  It's common for humanoid-beings of the 2nd world to express basic-supernatural abilities--although, the degree and magnitude of which they may express them are still limited to their "state of being."


        Within the Demiurgic-Realms, we must shed our layers of density in-order to inhabit a more subtle body;  but within the Supreme-Realms, death isn't required for one to inhabit a "higher-form"--it's more-so a state and/or condition rather than a definitive-world.  "Things" within the 3rd-World are those capable of dominating elemental reality by-way of cultivating massive amounts of spiritual-energy--and the ability to access this reservoir will determine the level of power-expressed.

  •     Cosmic Realm 4th World (9th Dimension)


        Beings of the Cosmic Realm are the masters of all-creation, and anything created by them are but reflections of their power.  There are two thresholds of spirit that must be crossed in-order to "mature" within the Supreme Realms--one is relative to its quality and the other is based-in quantity.  Beings from the 3rd-World may be well beyond the energetic-threshold of the Galactic-State, but if the quality of this reservoir isn't "copacetic"--the Cosmic-State will not be realized.  The best representation of a Cosmic-Being in modern-times would be "Dr. Manhattan" from the movie "Watchman"--the vast array of powers "it's" able to express are of the Cosmic-Level.


        Most spiritualists and meta-physicians will associate "The-All" with the 4th-World, which would make sense;  however, immortality doesn't equate to Eternity--as even the Supreme-Body can "dissipate."  The Soul is the only-thing Eternal, and all of creation is sourced from it.  There's two sides of creation, which are life and death--one involves everlasting-life and the other is a continual cycle of death;  which side of creation is-of your forte?

Cosmic Realm - State of The Supreme Being

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