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Man swimming in ocean, a fish with a shark fin tied to it is chasing him, signifying his fear of the unknown.


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        When most people think of the term "spirituality", they automatically associate it with religious theology;  which is indeed a mode of spiritual practice.  However, spirituality is something we're all inclined to demonstrate, and there are infinite ways to experience spiritual growth;  there is no right or wrong way to achieve this goal.  As an example of how each path to spiritual enlightenment is unique to the individual, and how no one path is the "end all, be all" of the world;  I'll share the story of an event that sparked my spiritual awakening.


        It was 2007, and I was 20 years old at the time;  while researching occult information at my computer, I'd begun to drift off into a "day dream."  During this day dream, my focus was put towards crafting a world that everyone would want to live in, one that would be fair in all aspects.  Eventually, I'd found myself contemplating:  magnetic energy, economic & justice systems, and much more.  The world I was forging in my mind seemed as close to perfect as it could be, 99.9% to be exact;  and then, something amazing happened.


        As soon as I was beginning to "come-to" from the day-dream, and before I could even remember my own name;  the first thing that came to mind was the "world" that I was returning to, and in that millisecond of time I'd experienced a sensation the complete opposite of that which had just departed from me.  I immediately shot up from my seat as if being shocked by it, but as stiff and in place as a rooted tree.  I was in some sort of passive rage, but not one of aggression;  the only way I can explain it is that I was utterly disgusted with the state of Earth as a whole, and the pain it felt as well as all life on it seemed as if It was being channeled directly into me.  I'd immediately begun to pace back and forth with my fists balled as if being attached to some sort of magnetic rail;  I wasn't thinking, just stuck with one thought.


        Upon "consciously" thinking of an appointment I had with a friend of mine, the entire experience ended;  and from that day forward I saw the world, and everything in it from an entirely different perspective.  The event can be equated to the "holy ghost" experience of religion, though outside of a religious setting.  Spirituality represents all things "right" and "good" to us, and in practice is the outward expression of there being no greater authority over truth than self.

The Chakras
Male and female sitting in meditation position, the 7 chakras line the spinal column and there's 1 for every color of the rainbow.

        The human body is a magnificent biological-machine, so we need not go into detail over it's anatomical wonders;  however, we'll briefly shed light upon it's spiritual centers.


        There's over 100 chakras related to our physical body, and there are 7 in particular that act as the main "energy vortices";  the image to your left depicts these chakras.  Physically, they begin at the base of our spine and line it to the top of the skull.  Depression, for instance;  is an example of a blockage in a particular chakra(s), and though it may seem obvious it won't always be the heart.


        Just as mis-treatment of our bodies may lead to poor health, mis-management of our spiritual energy may lead to a weak "Auric Field."  Similarly, by treating your body well with proper maintenance, it'll function better and for longer periods of time;  apply the same logic as to how the chakric system works.


      The best way to visualize the process by which we channel and express spiritual energy through our chakras, would go as such:  just as the wind blows, though we can't see it, we still feel it;  and likewise, even though we may not be able to see the love coming from a person as energy, we can still feel it.

  •     Auras


        Our Auric Field directly correlates to our thoughts and emotions, and changes in them will correspond within our aura.


        For example, someone feeling intense hatred will radiate a crimson red aura;  while someone experiencing deep love will radiate a greenish hue.  Emotional intensity determines how broad any particular auric field may be, and thought-concentration will affect the shape of it's field;  typically those that lack control of their spiritual faculties give off gaseous auras, while those that express control tend to radiate full plasma-like fields.


        Auras aren't limited to just one color, as thoughts mixed with emotions can form some interesting combinations.  With enough practice, it's possible to view your aura and/or the auric fields of other people;  the easiest way to begin is to fix your vision just a few centimeters off your point of focus, eventually you'll be able to see what appears to be gas surrounding the body.  Don't worry if you can't make out any colors, as the ability is something more-so inherited than learned.

Male a female in a standing position, their auric fields represented by the colors of the rainbow surrounds them both.
Spiritual Warfare




Two knights face off, one armed with a warhammer and the other with a sword.
A gothic gate with white light in the doorway, the background is split between light and darkness.
A brave knight faces off with a monstrosity of a dragon, at the edge of a cliff.
Two knights face off, one armed with a warhammer and the other with a sword.

        The theatre of war isn't always displayed on a physical stage, as there are occult forces at work in our dimension that aren't limited to-it;  what may appear to be a simple conversation could in fact be a "spiritual feast."  Spiritual warfare is enacted through a combination of fronts and agreements, and free will is the "weapon of choice."  We must be aware of the consequences of our ways, and at all times;  for there are no such things as mistakes, and no paths that make way for coincidence.


        "Psychic Vampirism", is a common form of spiritual warfare that most human beings experience within a single lifetime.  Let me ask you a question--yes?  Have you ever been around someone, and by the end of the encounter you'd felt weak or drained?  A parasitic attack may be carried out by-way of psychic vampirism, and all that's required is a free-will agreement;  let's say I was in your presence and asked you the very same question mentioned earlier, a psychic attack could commence as soon as you'd agreed to "let me ask you a question."  If I were a psychic vampire, simply accepting the invitation to share the same space with me would grant me access to your spiritual energy;  and before you knew it, you'd be drained of as much "Juice" as tactically possible.


        On the contrary, there exists benevolent spiritual warriors that combat these types;  as in order for "evil" to exist there would have to be something to validate it as such, something that represents it's polar opposite.

A dreamy night sky filled with clouds and stars, you have a birds eye view of clouds above and the clouds below.
A cloaked figure stands in the forest, mysterious.
Universal Law

        The "Kybalion" is a book written by "The Three Initiates" in the early 1900s based off the teachings of "Hermes Trismegistus", whom allegedly lived more than 2000 years ago.  Essentially, Hermetic Philosophy attempts to explain the Universal Laws of Reality;  and not from a theological perspective but from a "Metaphysical" one.  If you're interested in "source material" in relation to spirituality, I'd highly advise that you read the Kybalion.


        The very idea of Universal Law denotes a standardized model to follow, and for all of creation.  These laws have nothing to do with good and evil, right or wrong;  instead, they serve as the very foundational blueprint to reality itself.  Without these laws there would be no universe, as our very universe is based in and of these laws.  Without getting too deep into the subject, let's briefly discuss one aspect that we engage on a daily basis.

A giant human brain absorbing electricity in the sky.
A large scale with 5 humans on the light side and 1 on the heavy.  Representative of self service, or service to others.
  •     Service to Self (STS) | Service to Others (STO)  The Law of One (RA Material)


        The concept of serving others and serving self isn't necessarily a Universal law, but rather a system to practice it.  Usually, when we hear of someone donating large amounts of money to charity, we associate the act as something "selfless" and "kind";  these are our opinions and they may very well represent the truth, but there's still the possibility that the gesture was more self serving than otherwise.


        Intent is the ultimate deciding factor as to whether acts of service to others are genuine, or based in self interest.  For example, giving a homeless person money to buy food in order to make yourself feel better is self serving;  but if your true intent was to feed the person and nothing else, that would justify a self-less act.

        Based upon my personal observation of the Ethereal Realm, there seems to be a threshold related to STS & STO that must be passed in order to progress past the 5th Dimension.  The requirements are as follows;  in order to progress past the 5th dimension and having all other requisites met, an individual must serve self for a minimum of 95%, or others for at least 51% within a lifetime.  Lack of meeting the previously mentioned requirements will lead to another incarnation on earth, even if all other requirements for progression have been made;  this is but one example of how universal law functions.

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