The Spirit

By:  Domin'Theos

Spirit - The Animating Energy.

        The "Soul" is the only thing eternal in existence, and it's the "Creator Of-All Things"--everything else is impermanent.  Two prime ingredients are required to manifest-reality, those being the elements and spirit--lesser and greater light.  Elements form all things tangible, everything you can:  see, taste, touch, smell and hear represents this mode of creation;  Spirit is comprised of all things intangible, all things you "intuitively-know" but can't consistently-verify with the five-senses are representative of-it.


        Our ability to express "emotion" is the most basic-mode of wielding spiritual-energy, and the "quality" of our thoughts are based-in the condition of-it as well.  We aren't the-spirit, we're simply in-possession of it's energy;  upon changing form, we take this energy with us while shedding the elemental-body--only to enter a new one upon reaching our inherent-destination.  The amount of spiritual-energy one person has, may be different than another's--and it may be acquired and/or lost in any-given moment.  When we "show-love" to someone else, we're in effect giving them a portion of our spiritual energy--and it's up to them to receive it, or let it "go to waste";  although, nothings ever truly wasted--and if the recipient of the love-shown doesn't accept it, it'll linger as a thought-form until the energy's deplete or it serves it's initial-purpose by "getting-through" to the individual.


        On the contrary, it's possible for someone to siphon spiritual-energy from you--and all that's required is a free-will agreement of-it.  For example, let's assume that I'm a "Life-Leech";  I can walk up to you and ask for directions, all-the-while my spiritual-intent is to steal your energy--as soon as you look my way and make eye contact, you've agreed to my "presence."  At this point, I could begin to steal your spiritual-energy immediately due to being in close-proximity to you--and your allowing of-it.  If you open your mouth

to speak in a manner that "rebukes" me, then the link would be terminated if you really "meant-it";  however, if you respond to my direct question in any way--then I've got-you.  I could linger in your presence while siphoning as much energy as tactically-possible, and/or attach a thought-form to you that'll feed until it's "full"--and return to me for absorption.


        Spirit is the animating-energy within our elemental-body, and Soul is the commander of them both.  Picture it this way, without spirit we'd be "Automatons"--completely incapable of operating in any manner other than our "programmed" nature.  There'd be no way to differentiate: right from wrong, good from evil, happy from sad--if there wasn't a medium through which Soul may interface with;  and this is because the elemental form is too dense for Soul to inhabit.  Spirit is the "Dark-Light" within us that Soul uses to traverse any Dimension--we manipulate and influence elemental-light through the interfacing of the two.  Now that we have a basic understanding of what Spirit is, and how we experience it--let's dive a bit deeper into the topic "as-is";  shall we?

Internal Spiritual Energy

        The "Vital Essence" (VE) is totally independent of the biochemical-elements comprising our physical-form.  Through the VE, we're able to "declare" our thoughts and/or emotions--as well as receive the same from others.  Concepts such as the:  free, entrepreneurial, holiday, team and holy spirit just to name a few--represent the inner-state of an individuals VE;  if it's "within" me to be a warrior, and that's what I'm best at--then it could be said that I have a "Warriors-Spirit."  There's no rule that states you "must" adhere to the nature of your spirit, although--neglecting to express one's true-self might inhibit spiritual-growth.


        Chi, Loosh, Prana, and Life-Force Energy are but a few of the names attributed to Vital-Essence--and they all mean the same thing.  We cultivate this "Dark-Energy" on a daily basis, and the way it's acquired is different for every individual;  although, the force itself is universal to-all.  One person may gain spiritual-energy by cooking a dinner for their family, while another may acquire it by somehow ruining the family-meal--it's all relative to the individual.


        Our spiritual-body is known as the "Merkabah", and essentially--this vessel is our "Resonant Frequency", it's shape and size is relative to the quality and quantity of spiritual-energy contained within-it.  The dimensions of the Merkabah will correspond by-default to the incarnate-dimension of the individual, so for example;  being a human without a sense of spirituality, my Merkabah would be Three-Dimensional for most--if not my entire life.  On the flip-side, if I'm into cultivating spirituality--it'd be possible for me to operate within 3D reality with a Fourth or even Fifth-Dimensional Merkabah.  Ultimately, it's extremely difficult to maintain a high-dimensional Light-Body within a lesser-frequency for extended periods of time;  and at best, a small percentage of us can maintain a 4D Merkabah for most of the day--fluctuating between 3-5D throughout it's duration.

The Merkabah - Resonant Frequency
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry - Patterns and Symbols

        Equations are the foundational-basis as-to everything within "experiential-reality";  and indeed it's true, 1 + 1 can equal 2.  Ultimately, there are only 9 "natural" numbers--all others are variations and/or deviations from the source;  hence the number 0, which was introduced as an "indicator of nothing."  The numerological-significance of the number 9 is a paradox within-itself, for example;  9 plus any single digit returns the exact same number as the "sum" added in an additional-equation--in absence of a zero.  The number nine is both a singular-digit and a collective-sum--a singularity and a void;  keep this in mind when dealing with spiritual principles.


        "Sacred Geometry" ascribes symbolic and/or sacred meaning to geometric shapes and their proportions.  Throughout the world, the design of most religious structures are based upon a Sacred-Geometrical "Blueprint"--and for deeply spiritual purposes.  For example, certain temples are constructed in such a way--that a very specific section within the building is designated for the "Holy Ghost";  when a Pipe-Organ is played it'll reverberate throughout the structure until it reaches the "Holy Section"--anyone sitting in this area is almost certain to be flooded with spiritual-energy due to the culmination and frequency of sound within that particular space, unlike any-other area throughout the Temple.  Geometric and mathematical ratios are found to be the structural-blueprint of everything in existence--as sacred geometry has it's most fundamental representations in elemental-nature by-way of the "Golden-Ratio";  i.e:  a nautilus-shell or a honey-comb constructed by bees.


        Human Spiritual-Energy takes on the Sacred-Geometry of it's controller, and the vibrational-frequency of the individual will justify it's shape and proportion.  The appearance of our Merkabah indicates the quality, and quantity of our Vital-Essence--the chart to your left depicts just a few out of an infinite-array of patterns;  and though it's a 2D image, the patterns-themselves may range from 3 to 9 Dimensional in shape.  This form of "Spiritual-Art" isn't set in stone, as your sacred-geometry can change in pattern throughout the course of a life-time--however;  masters of spiritual-energy may cultivate a "Solid-State" Merkabah which only changes form by increasing frequency to another dimension, and once lowered it resumes it's previous shape.  Both physical and spiritual discipline play a major-role in the condition of ones Light-Body, and there must always be a balance between the two;  lack of physical-discipline will cause it to suffer in quantity--while lack of spiritual-discipline will effect it's quality.

External Spiritual Energy

        Often referred to as Ether, Vril and Orgone-Energy--the "Vital-Force" (VF) represents all untapped spiritual-energy.  The image to your right shows an infinite-plane, and it's structural-blueprint is the "Flower of Life"--the design itself being the Universal "Zero-Point" of all-reality.  Everything in creation finds it's Vital-Essence within the VF, and all expended and/or untamed spiritual-energy returns to-it for tapping--or to degenerate and settle within the zero-point field.


        Just as our Sun has it's elemental-form, an outward appearance that we can see and feel--it also has a spiritual form;  and the dark-rays it emits represents spiritual-energy.  We require the elemental-rays from the Sun for a multitude of reasons, and in similar-fashion as to how natural sun-light stimulates growth and sustenance-- the same can be said of dark-energy as well.  All things have a spiritual-form, even the non-sentient--and everything vibrates, even a tiny-pebble does;  it's elemental-form is what encapsulates VF, a VE isn't required to maintain it's resonant-frequency like that of anything sentient.  Every particle that separates from the pebble will lower the amount of Vital-Force required to maintain it's elemental-form until it returns to dust--or zero point.

The Flower of Life - Zero-Point Field

        Whenever we feel, think or act--we're actually exhausting portions of our vital essence;  though in amounts far less than the rate at which it's cultivated, and I'll use an extreme case of VE and VF in action with the following example.   The WTC attacks of September 11, 2001 were a terrible tragedy, but for the sake of greater understanding--we're going to focus upon the event from an ethereal-perspective.  There was a great amount of "Loosh" released, and an even greater amount of "Orgone Energy" created due to the catastrophe--and here's how.  Emotions such as fear, panic and despair just to name a few--are open veins for Loosh;  the greater amount of this Vital-Energy was exhausted at "Ground-Zero", and the rest was released all around the world whether by delight or pain.  Orgone-Energy was created due to the states and conditions of all the souls "changed" by the attack, and also the people around the world who felt and still "feel a certain way" about it;  although, it's far more unfortunate for the souls whom haven't moved on and still linger in between-realms due to the shock and desire to "remain."  These souls will either "snap-out of it" and move on, or they'll linger in their "death" until the orgone-energy is deplete;  hence burning away that portion of Dark-Energy and freeing the soul-spark to progress into higher dimensions--or return for another incarnation.

The Greater Light

        "The All", or 9th Dimension is a darkness that no light can penetrate--it's darkness is the light.  The "Greater Light" is representative of Spirit, and was the first manifestation outside of The-All--it's also a darkness that "Lesser-Light" cannot "Illuminate."  Spirit is non-corporeal, which means it doesn't consist of any material whatsoever--it's raw-energy.  The Soul is an indestructible receiver with infinite storage space, Spirit is the medium through which data is transferred--and the elemental-body is the transmitter;  once the data is received, it's energy will disperse and only the data will remain.


        Everything considered, it should be clear that Spirit carries data--which means it can be imprinted, copied and/or re-written.  Each and every-thing we experience within 3D reality is transferred to the soul-spark where it's then stored forever, unless the file itself is rewritten.  Data can never be deleted, only revised--as the reference-file will always remain;  so if someone ever says they've erased someone or something from their memory, just know that they've replaced the source-data with "new-light."  With that being said, below--we'll briefly detail the the fundamental dynamics as-to how spirit is transacted.

Auric Fields

        The Human "Auric-Field" (AF) represents quantified-potential spirit-energy, and the Merkabah is the qualified and active-portion.  Picture the Aura as material to be filtered through the Merkabah, and only the desired-substance will be received by the soul-spark.  Our thoughts are the filter, and our emotions are the material to be filtered;  once complete, the purified substance will be absorbed by the Soul.  Whenever we harbor emotion for someone, or something--it lingers within our Auric-Field until the energy is absorbed and/or resolved;  and likewise as when we have a "fixed" mind-set, our Merkabah will become a Solid-State to match it--or it'll be a constantly changing pattern if our thoughts are "all over the place."


        If you've ever been in the presence of another, and felt as if you were around a malicious-energy--then you may have intuitively-sensed their AF.  Most individuals believe they can hide their thoughts and emotions because there's no way to "tell" other than body-language and/or action--this simply isn't true;  as those who are capable of operating at higher-frequencies may easily pick-up on their auric-signature.  The auric-field is a passive-reservoir of Vital-Essence, it's the receiver-of and first-contact for all outside spirit-sources--and it's a two-way street.  For example, when we think-of something--an emotion is immediately generated and associated with-it;  and it will be represented within our AF.  On the flip-side, when someone projects thought and/or emotion towards us--it's received by our Aura before it's filtered and absorbed by the Soul.  Words may affect and/or effect the state of ones AF, as they are in essence "sounds" in an elemental-sense--and "vibrations" in a spiritual-one.  The spoken-word is a mode of action similar to--yet at times even more powerful than physical-action;  henceforth the phrase "music soothes the savage beast."


        Upon "permanent" departure from 3D reality, all potential spirit-energy unabsorbed MUST be "left behind"-- and will remain until it's energy is deplete.  Ghosts, apparitions and etc are the result of forsaken Auric-Fields--they''re simply shades and/or thought-forms of the previous person that "hosts" the "data" contained within it's light until it dissolves back into the zero-point field.  Although, there are cases of "lost-spirits" whom refuse to move-on--or lack the ability to ascend into higher dimensions;  these individuals must inevitably exhaust their AF, afterwards-- the Soul-Spark accompanied by the Merkabah will be thrust into it's inherent domain.

The Auric Field - Aura of Potential
Karma and Dharma
Karma and Dharma - Cause and Effect

        The phrase "Ignorance is Bliss" cannot find a better representation than within the mechanics of cause and effect;  ignorance of this universal-law makes it easy for an individual to operate as-if it doesn't exist--although, ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Many of us have made poor-choices in life, only to realize that those same poor-decisions came back around to bite us in the "buttocks."  The stinger of "Karma" won't always strike quickly, and it may not "perceivably" afflict an individual within their life-time--but rest assured, it will be executed in due-time.


        Contrary to popular belief, Karma doesn't always return as a detriment--but may complete it's cycle to the advantage of it's "sender."  The sweet nectar of positive-karma is unique and relative to the individual--however, one must be "aware" in-order to receive-it.  For example, there's a homeless man I pass on my way to work everyday;  eventually, I'd decided to stop and give him $20 every-time.  A few months after doing so, the man was no longer where I'd usually seen him--he was gone.  Now, I may never see him again;  but if it was my intention that he "does-right" with the donations, it's completely out of my hands at that point.  However, I may cross paths with him at a future point and see him wearing a workman's uniform--then during the encounter I'd learn that I truly helped him;  this is an uncommon, yet splendid case of positive-karma.

        "Dharma" is not the opposite of Karma, it's an entirely different entity altogether.  There have been times when we've "given" to another, without expecting anything in return;  and though it may not appear as if there wasn't a reward-granted, the "consolation-prize" was manifest at the exact moment the "deed" was-done.  Using the homeless-man example above, I'll explain how Dharma is acquired.  Remember how every-time I saw him, I'd donate $20;  well, if my intent was only to donate out of goodwill--then Dharma would be gained with each donation.  It doesn't matter if he spent it on drugs, or if he actually used it to change his situation--the point is that I gave just to give.  Positive-Dharma adds to the "quantity" of spirit, and the quality remains unaffected.


        Contrastingly, Negative-Dharma subtracts from the "quality" of spirit--so let's divert from the homeless man whom we'll call "Joe" and switch focus to "Larry", the rich-man.  Now, assuming I make enough money to donate $50K a year to a charitable-foundation--I go about doing this as both a genuine-gesture, and a tax write-off.  Larry, the CEO of the charity decides to extend me an invitation to the "inner-circle"--where I would then learn that only 5% of the proceeds actually goes towards the target-recipients.  At this point, if I accept the invitation to indulge in profiting from the scheme--or if I even decline and continue to donate;  I'd still effect the degradation of the quality of my spirit.  By knowing that my gesture of kindness is-but fuel for a machine, and continuing to power-it--will effectually taint the quality of my spirit-pool;  applied-duress is no excuse to continue on a path that you know is wrong.

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