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The Realm of Man

By:  Domin'Theos

Human being, the realm of man.  Image of a micro man, within the head of a macro man.

        Human beings are a unique species, and a few factors that separate us from other animals are the fact that we: have "emotional" feelings, exhibit varying degrees of consciousness, express ideals of morality, etc;  this isn't to say other animals aren't capable of the same, however, we're at the top of the "food chain" when it comes to overall Dominance in all aspects.  Sure, if were caught unprepared by a Wild Lion--it's strength alone could snuff the life right out of us before we could even scream;  but if we're armed with artillery weapons, we'd stand a much better chance of surviving the encounter.


        The "Realm of Man" (ROM) encompasses everything relative to the human-form, for instance;  the aforementioned Lion travels by Paw, and even if it wanted to--it's anatomical structure wouldn't allow it to operate a motor vehicle as a means for "enhanced" transportation.  The ability to drive a car, pilot a plane and captain a boat--are all factors relative to the realms of man.  Everything humans are, and have achieved--comprise this ideology.  An ant will never know what it's like to pick up a gun and fire it, unless it enters the realms of man--and likewise if a man wanted to experience what it's like to have an exoskeleton with the body capacity to withstand pressures close to 5,000X his own weight;  although, whether experienced "physically" or "spiritually"--the boundaries of realms may be crossed and/or intermingled.


        Ever heard the phrase, "with great power comes great responsibility?";  well, in our case as the most dominant and known "Realm-Lords"--we must always be aware and take into account the multitude of realms we co-exist amongst.  Would you like it if you were the size of a bug, within a world where "bugs" as we know them are the size of humans--and they sometimes like to make fun by stepping on your kind?  How would you feel if you were held in captivity as a human being, and bears came to view you as an animal within a Zoo?  The previous questions aren't meant to speak down upon certain actions and behaviors we express, but were meant to stimulate a thought-pattern key in interpreting the information presented within this article.  There's a reason and purpose relative to the human form that corresponds with each of the primary Dimensions;  the most "dense" of which represents the most outward (lower) expression--and the "lightest" represents the innermost (higher) cause.

        In case you weren't aware, the primary dimensions relative to the realm of man--are the: 3rd (physical), 4th (astral) and 5th (mental-causal) dimensions.  While incarnate within a physical-body, we're mostly inspired to action through the stimulation of our vessel;  then we feel a certain way about whatever is going on before we even begin to "think" about it.  We're more-so a "feeling" species, as opposed to a thinking one--and this is just my opinion as an observer.  Everything that comprises we as human beings are exclusive to these dimensions,  plus one other--the 6th (soul) dimension;  it's here that we connect with our "Higher-Self", and may also link with "The Monad"

The Monad

        Imagine a singular entity that knows everything you've done and will do--indefinitely;  an entity that has all the knowledge and wisdom of humanity past, present and future--for all of time.  The Monad is you, but it isn't you--it's the "visible" representation of the human collective that exists outside of the bounds of time.  If you were to meet the Human Monad within 6D, it'd appear as an exact replica of you--however, it's not to be confused with and attributed to any sort of deity;  it's literally a "portion" of the Cosmic "Creator", manifest "as" the Human Archetype.


        Just as we channel a portion of our "soul-force" through lower dimensions until we manifest it's most dense representation--so does "The All" have it's most dense singular representation throughout all the realms.  There's a Monad for every sentient thing within existence, and it serves as a representation of the "The-One" throughout all aspects of reality.  To paint a clearer picture, Felines have their "Monadic Figure" within 6D, Amphibians as well, and so on;  The-One is omnipresent, and omnipotent.  As Humans, we're essentially the "collective" of The-One, and it represents the "collected" of us.


        If somehow you were developed enough to depart from the realms of man, and travel beyond the 6th dimension, you would begin to move closer to the "Cosmic Monad" (7 - 8D)--until all sense of "self" would be lost within "all that is" (9D).  The further we depart from source, the more dense and/or "disconnected" we become.  At this very moment, we're living in the furthest possible reality from "Original Creation" in regards to human-being--and for varying reasons as well.


        The Monad isn't the judge or jury, nor is it a ruler or savior--it just "is."  We will never be it, and it will never be us;  it's an "Alpha-Omega" manifestation of Cosmic-Source, our first Mother-Father--nothing more and nothing less.  Try to understand it as being the template of attributes, or blueprint through which objective-sentient beings manifest and govern themselves.

the monad, the god cosmic.  Image of the outline of a man in the heavens.
Higher self, reconnecting soul-force.  Image of a man standing afront a cosmic gateway.

        Contrary to popular belief, Deities as we know them are limited to the realm of man, and have nothing to do with the higher dimensions.  True Gods and Goddesses exist within the Soul-Plane, or 6th Dimension;  and represent the higher-self--the real "you".  The "descent" into 3D reality begins from the soul.  First, we "design" ourselves based upon the Monadic Principle relative to our form--this occurs within 6D.  Next, we inhabit a more dense vessel--the mental-causal body;  here in the 5th Dimension--we formulate the idea of who we are as a "human", and the cause or purpose for "being".  Afterwards, we descend through astral-4D and into an even denser form;  it's here that we develop our emotional faculties and sense of feelings or "passions."  Finally, we manifest within the most dense, yet relative form as to the outward expression of human soul-force--3D Earth.


        It's important to note that none of us incarnate as our true selves, but only as portions of light-data from the reservoir that is our soul.  The 3rd dimension simply isn't capable of supporting such an energy, let alone billions at a time;  as even the most minute expressions of the power of soul is equal to that of a 1000 earth suns.  The higher we progress within dimensions above the physical, the more we reconnect with greater portions of our original spirit-soul--until the merger of soul-force and soul-spirit is complete within the 6th Dimension.


        Ponder this question, being that the soul is immortal and inextinguishable;  how does it progress or regress--and is it even possible?  After the First Creation, we've been playing the role of co-creators through descent into more dense realities ever since.  The greatest experience of singular-spiritual existence that we may experience in any form of being occurs within 6D, the communion and/or reunion with Higher-Self--and the greatest singular-physical experience transpires in 3D;  this leads to the point and main key of this section.  The Monad meets you within the soul-plane as your Higher-Self.  It's the gate-keeper that grants passage, and/or denies access to Soul--and it's all relative to an "equation";  the answer of which may be solved by calculating two factors--"others" and "self."  Regardless as to how you reach this state--you'll most definitely come to terms with the principle of treating others, as you would treat yourself.

"Being" Human

        The realm of man in it's totality, represents the most outward expression of cosmic-divine light imaginable for such a "composite-being."  Good vs Evil, Right Vs Wrong, Love vs Hate--are all correlating elements through a "collapsing" effect.  By compressing the true light of soul--in and upon itself;  we solidify our "standpoint" regarding the aforementioned ideals within each corresponding dimension.  There is no "one" way to express "human-being", and anything you can imagine within your own mind--even if you don't enact or commit to the manifestation of it;  denotes the possibility of it happening, or being real.  There's nothing new under the Sun, we're simply light-codes oscillating to whatever frequency we're "attuned" to.


        Minus the celestial-cosmic realities, which are outside the range and scope of Man.  The following paragraphs will briefly detail two key factors relative to the absolute solidarity between observer, and participant--in regards to the realms of man;  included will be systems and layouts that solidify the dynamics of human existence, as well as practical ideologies attributable to the fundamental composition of the spiritual-human form.

Twin-Flame Energy

        Based in arcane occult wisdom, we all have a masculine and a feminine side attributable to human-being;  whichever form we choose to incarnate in, or both simultaneously--is up to the individual.  The "Twin Flame" is the divine male and female principle, relevant to--and existent within each and every individual person.


        Some of us may have left our feminine side within 6D, and progressively manifested everything humanly-masculine into 3D reality;  our feminine side could very well be the "GOD" watching over us from the GOD-Realm.  Others may have manifest within the female form, whilst leaving their masculine side within the Soul-Plane-serving the same purpose as the former.  Even more, it's possible to incarnate with both principles--represented by True LGBTQ-beings, and an amazing feat to say the least.


        It doesn't stop there, as the soul-force of certain individuals can be so strong;  that they incarnate into physical form as a separate--yet equal entity.  The two-halves may never meet within their particular life-time, and temporarily dedicate themselves to another--however, they will always yearn for union with their "other-half" until the act is realized.


        Temporal communication/union with Twin-Flame energy may transpire through various instances, such as:  Kundalini work, introspective channeling, dating, sex, fitness, etc.  No matter who we are as individuals, we all have our separate ideals on what a man and woman should be--and this is due to the fact that we're "missing" that other half, we know what it should represent because we're literally "incomplete" without it;  hence the potential for "experience."  The universal truth is that we're all Androgynous beings.

Twin flame, masculine and feminine energy.  Image of pure masculine and feminine energy in embrace.
Ancestral Energy
Ancestral energy, being human.  Image of the spirits of humans ascending into higher dimensions.

        There's no greater reference point as to who we are as human beings, than that of ancestral history.  Unfortunately, and due to the chaotic nature of this particular reality--it's easier said than done in regards to keeping a detailed record of ones ancestral past, present and future.  Some of us may only be able to dig as deep as one or two generations into our ancestry, while others may have records of an expansive family tree.  Regardless as to whether or not we know who, or where we came from--it's a fact that to a certain degree, we "are" that which has "made us."


        On a brighter note, "divine-nature" has covered our "butts" when it comes to record keeping.  Our "genes" contain the history and blueprint as to who we were, are, and capable of "being" relative to present and/or future incarnations.  The "Human-Genome" was successfully mapped in April of 2003--I was actually in the 10th grade at the time and remember this being a huge thing.  It was implemented into our bioscience curriculum very swiftly, as if everything we were being taught just a year or two before was now "old news."  My AP biology teacher actually got mad at us because we weren't interested in his rant about how important the discovery was, his face was so red and I swear I could see steam flowing from his ears--ah, the memories.


        Our DNA is the physical representation of light-code written into the composition of our physical-form.  We incarnate within a vessel most suitable to encapsulate the oscillating frequency that is our ethereal-body--and the foundational genetic structure makes sure of this.  Based upon findings from the Human Gemome Project, it's alleged that roughly 1% of our DNA--around 20,000 genes represent the encoded portions of our genome;  whilst the remaining 99% is "non-coding" or junk DNA.  This aforementioned "finding" is a topic for another discussion, however;  it does make way for infinite possibilities in regard to the actual "coding" and/or "tapping" of this portion of so-called "useless" divine-material.

Mind, Body & "Spirit"

        Just as there are three primary dimensions relative to the ROM, there are corresponding "modalities" that form the archetype of human-being within each of them--those being the:  Mind, Body and Spirit.  All in all, that which is "us"--is simply pure light manifest within the lesser.  The mind is where we base ourselves, it's source-data accessible from--and stored within soul.  Body is the vessel through which mind-soul may experience the outer representation of itself, however possible.  Finally, spirit is the universal "medium";  the greater-light, upon which all pure-source light is imprinted onto and/or "executed" through.


        Outside the realm of man, mind and body are conceptual limitations--and the basis of all existence/experience becomes exclusive to spirit-soul.  Soul is only relative to humanity because it "chooses" to "incarnate" as such, and the full composition of what may be a singular-soul--may be comprised of "forms" immensely different from that of a human.  For example, minus the fact that any soul-force incarnate within the ROM had to have sourced from "Cosmic-Consciousness" (9D)--there are infinite ways to experience 3D reality, not limited or exclusive to "Earth."  For example, there are human-incarnate beings alive today that have experienced realities of no relation to humanity what-so-ever;  your next door neighbor could have existed as a 40 foot "winged-creature" somewhere outside the realms of man--without even knowing it.  The very same neighbor could have a passion for, and inherent knowledge of flight--without ever knowing why.  Our souls are the "storage-drive" that encompasses all of our existential experience--whether human or otherwise; and our minds represent that portion of data that rides the light-signal all the way "down" to our most dense and outward current-manifestation.  Below, we'll discuss two modes of power capable of being expressed within the realms of man.

Generator, Operator and Destroyer (GOD)

        There's a fundamental Hermetic Principle that goes as such, "The Mind is All, and the Universe is Mental";  what this means is that everything in existence is based-in and was manifest-through the Mind.  Everything that we are in the present, is the culmination of all thought throughout the Universe--our particular perspective is what makes us unique within it all.  The mind is GOD:  Generator, Operator and Destroyer,  and we are the mind.  The very world we live in is the result of the principle of "Mentalism" in action, our collective thoughts are what formed this reality in the first place.


        GOD represents that portion of soul-force you've chose to incarnate with, the real you--that greater-light animating whatever vessel it inhabits.  GOD-energy can be increased and/or decreased over time through soul progression--the ability to enhance the quality of Soul, and it's the primary purpose of reincarnation and 3D reality.  On top of that, 3D human form is very fragile and weak--even in comparison to other land-mammals.  The purpose of our physical-form is reflected in it's composition, so for example;  most of us prefer joy and happiness over pain and agony.  Its much easier to experience positivity within the human form, than the negative;  if we make love with the opposite sex a new life may be created, but if we express malice towards each-other--we could end up taking the life of another.  The physical-human body was created as a vessel to express love, and hate--but free will-allows everyone to make their own decision regarding the use of it.


        Some of us haven't always been "Human", and may have been GOD within various forms of life.  It's also possible to manifest "evolved" versions of 3D man, within the higher realms through the power of Mind.  Most Deities represented by contemporary religion and theology, are evolved representations of Human-Being that exist within the Mental-Causal Plane.  By cultivating your GOD-energy to resonate with the 5D frequency, you too can experience the state of Deity--and this is accomplished through the principle of Mentalism and a properly tuned spirit-frequency.

GOD within, generator, operator and destroyer.  Image of a man battaling a demon.
Emotional "Currency"
Emotional currency, two sides of the coin.  Image of a leafy tree and resulting leafless reflection in the lake below.

        Relative to 3- 4D reality, the human-form is capable of expressing a power equal to--if not greater than that of The Mind.  The power of "emotion" is based in the scope of the human-emotional spectrum, and we express a broad range of emotions--much more than any other known form of life upon the planet.  It's reminiscent of a gift and a curse, and this is due to the fact that emotions are exclusive to the ROM when compared to GOD;  the principle of emotion is not something expressed by Higher-Self, but only experienced when GOD enters the ROM.


        As social creatures, we tend to deal in emotions more than we do thoughts.  For example, picture this scenario;  while walking down the street, you see an elderly man being beaten by a younger male--and immediately intervene to stop it.  Then, the younger male explains to you that the elder just brutalized and murdered someone close to him--now what do you do?  Even if you proceed with stopping the younger male from exacting revenge, the point is that you felt he was wrong before you even thought about the initial "cause."


        There are life-forms in existence whom express zero emotion, as they lack the proper faculties to do so;  they operate strictly off the principle of Mentalism--and could care less how their actions affect another's "feelings."  "Emotional Currency" represents the energetic transfers we participate in on a daily basis, quite similar as to how we exchange cash for goods or services;  a person can have a particular idea about you, but if there isn't an emotional "investment" associated with the idea of you--chances are you'll be "low-priority" in comparison to someone whom they have a deeper emotional connection with.  However, we must inevitably relinquish all emotion to its domain of origin--the 4th dimension;  this is the only way to ascend into higher dimensions, otherwise we may as well prepare for another incarnation.

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