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A brave knight faces off with a monstrosity of a dragon, at the edge of a cliff.
A gothic gate with white light in the doorway, the background is split between light and darkness.
5 people form a ritual circle with a skull and upside down pentagram in the middle. A very large octopus extends it's tentacle from the bottom of the ocean to a man stranded on a raft.
A dreamy night sky filled with clouds and stars, you have a birds eye view of clouds above and the clouds below. A giant human brain absorbing electricity in the sky. Two knights face off, one armed with a warhammer and the other with a sword. A cloaked figure stands in the forest, mysterious.


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A womans soul sits up from a lifeless body into the afterlife.
A person holding on to a bouquet of balloons that's ascended him into outer space.  Sun, moon and earth can be seen with a birds eye view.
A city in ruins, the entire atmosphere is filled with a mars red canopy in the sky.
White cloud tunnel with a bright white light at the end, and what seems to be the shape of an angel barely visible.




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