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The Holographic Matrix

By:  Domin'Theos

The matrix, traversing the hologram--man walking inside a holographic universe.

        If this topic were discussed even 30 years ago, it'd still be relegated to science-fiction.  However, with the advent of Holographic Technology in the public arena--it's no longer fiction, but a definite reality.


        At present, we're capable of projecting 3D visuals onto 3D "space".  Time represents the 4th Dimension, and if the machine projecting the image could function perpetually and off of an infinite power source--the projected image would last for as long as the "machine" allowed;   sound familiar?  Before we go into detail regarding the reality of the Holographic Matrix, let's first gain a basic understanding as to how holograms work--if you aren't already familiar.


       Basic projected holograms produce 3D images through interference and the refraction of light.  A laser beam is fired through a half-mirror (coated with a thin layer of silver), and is then split into two halves;  one beam bounces off another mirror, hits the object of "interference"--and finally lands on the "photographic plate" or 2D space.  The other beam bounces off a separate mirror, and hits the same 2D space--the former and latter beams are called the object and reference beam.


        *There are plenty of image-vectors available on the web that visually detail how basic holographic projections are produced, type in a Google search and the above explanation will be easier to digest if you have a picture to go with it.*

        True 3D Holograms are accomplished by-way of a spinning mirror that reflects the image to the observer--and from any angle;  this process produces very realistic three dimensional visuals, so real that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference from a-far.  In order for us to even begin to speculate that our physical reality may quite possibly be a holographic projection--we'd have to consider how large a mirror(s) would have to be in order to reflect "meddled" light signals back to everyone simultaneously.


        Without diverting too far off the initial topic, the clip to the right depicts a flat-immovable earth--with an electro-magnetic core and rotating cosmology;  encasing the entire land mass and "heavens", would be the firmament or "crystal-dome"--this fixed "mirror" is what refracts all light from the sun.  The Heavens above rotate as if synchronized by gears, while the earth below stays put.  According to flat earth theory, we could be living within a Giant "Terrarium."  Below, we'll briefly discuss a few key-factors relative to Holographic Earth Theory.

As Above - So Below
Holographic reality, As Above So Below, a picture of the fibonnaci sequence over and over.

        Within spatial and temporal boundaries, we exist in a perpetual state of micro and macro relativity.  For instance, microchips when magnified--appear to be detailed and intricate cities;  yet, when a major city is viewed from a heightened vantage-point--it will resemble a microchip.  The Fibonacci Spiral, published by The Fibonacci of the Middle Ages--is a near perfect representation of an Infinite Micro-Macro Continuum;  the pattern itself can continue on for an eternity, through infinite micro and macro versions, and the image to the left depicts the sequence.


        Everything perceivable on a micro-level, has it's macro-scale representation;  this is evident from the most microscopic of particles, to the most vast of space.  Assuming you've experienced a dream within your life-time whilst sleeping--I'd like for you to ponder this;  theoretically, there is no sun to illuminate the "space" we inhabit during our dreams--especially if it's exclusive to brain activity.  Where are these dream sequences taking place, how--and why?  The answer is multi-factorial, but in regard to Holographic Theory--the key factor lies in the dynamics of light itself.  The ability to illuminate darkness isn't the only quality that light expresses, it can also: store data, function as a microscopic conscious-singular particle, move in and out of physical reality whilst retaining data, and much more.  The foundational basis of Television involves stored light signals, that are recalled, transmitted and received every time we enjoy our favorite "programs."


        In this section, we'll attempt to shed light upon certain aspects of our every day lives that fall in line with Holographic Theory, and focus upon some of the fundamental basics relative to it's functional reality.

The Sixth Sense

        Did you know the images we see are actually light waves being reflected from the object we're looking at?  We don't see the actual object, only beams of light being reflected off of it.  Also, we only see reflected colors--so even though a banana appears to be yellow, it only appears that way because it reflects the wavelength we perceive as being yellow;  while all the rest are absorbed into the banana.  Universally, objects appear white when they reflect all wavelengths, and black when it absorbs them all.  If the previously mentioned facts aren't strange enough, then here's one for you;  before we can even "see" the reflected objects light signal, it's delivered to our retinas upside down--and our brains have to flip the image right-side up.


        A simple walk-through of the most basic principles of human-anatomy will lead one to ponder whether or not we can even trust our 5 senses as 100% concrete-reality;  and this fact grants even more credence to Holographic Earth Theory.  The very same way holographic images are created, corresponds to how we initially are able to view the very world we live in.  Sounds are vibrations that go through a 3 step process before we even hear the "noise", and our sense of touch is based upon the condition of our skins nerve-ending network.  Our taste buds receive the signal before "we" do, and smells are intercepted by special sensory cells high inside the nose;  all roads of the 5 senses lead to the brain, which computes it all.  The idea that everything we experience via the 5 senses is based in the brain--holds weight and is true to a certain extent;  however, how do we account for experiencing the same stimuli in lack of a physical body--as in the case of dreams and out of body experiences?

The sixth sense, missing link.  An image showing all 5 sense with a question mark representing the 6th sense.

        The 6th sense isn't really a sense at all, instead--it's light commanded and maintained by the intelligence or "data" operating within it.  We are essentially, light-beings inhabiting a vessel comprised of matter--all interactions and experiences we have are accomplished through shared light signals;  all information is transmitted in this form, and interpreted by the same-- the physical vessel we inhabit is simply a receiver.

3D Holographic Projection, Virtual Reality World.  Image of the elemental world, from a human consciousness perspective.
Let's Take a Trip

        If you haven't seen the Matrix Series starring Keanu Reeves, then you should definitely check it out.  There's a scene in "The Matrix Revolutions", where Neo was rendered blind--however, in the absence of his former sight he was able to perceive the world in an entirely new "light."  Rather than viewing the reflected signals from the object, he was now able to see the light inhabiting the object itself.


        The elemental realm is one outside of the realms of man, although--we're not excluded from experiencing it.  Most "trips" made by way of DMT or another psychedelic, render the user "stuck" within a state between elemental and human consciousness;  if you were to view the elemental realm in-full through the sober eyes of a physical human being--the shock and confusion of the experience may cause you to "lose your mind."  Everything within this realm is light, and is perceived as such without the need for any sort of reflection;  everything from data signals traveling through fiber optic cables, to the bioluminescent signatures of sentient life-forms and more--are perceived as light in transit.


        The image on the left is a basic, yet solid representation of the elemental realm as perceived through human consciousness.  Near death experiences also initiate brief glimpses into this realm, and is possible due to the fact that we are light-incarnate--only separated from more subtle forms of reality by-way of matter and/or density.

        Stressing the point even further, there are cases of people born blind whom experience visual dreams--as well as visual "hallucinations" while taking psychedelics.  Having never seen a physical thing in their entire life, they're still able to manifest visualizations within their mind--an amazing feat.  There are other factors that contribute to the visualization process, some of which include: touch, intelligence\comprehension, imagination, etc.  Sure, we're very dependent upon our brain to make sense of the information it's translating;  however, it's impermanent and the only thing guaranteed to stand the test of time is the animating light--or energy controlling it.

Living in a World of Fantasy

        A few quick questions to ponder, let's just assume that the reality we're experiencing--is all an illusion;  one day, we'll wake up from this experience as if it were one "Massively Multi-Player On-line Role Playing Game."  Even more so, all of the "player-characters" relative to your "server" played the same game as you--and are denizens of the "reality" you're now experiencing as well.  You may have forged alliances with some, and made enemies with others--the very cause for you "losing the game" could have had something to do with another player(s).


  •     Question #1:  What purpose does playing the game serve?


  •     Question #2:  Were other player characters real, or were they "Organic Portals"--vessels to be controlled by the "account holder?"


  •     Question #3:  Should player characters be held accountable for their actions within the game--in the "real world" too?


        Even if these questions and the resulting answers held value only from a hypothetical standpoint, the fact remains that it's a "possibility."  Below we'll move forward into the similarities between a "Holographic" existence, and a physical one.

Virtual Reality

        Now, let's be completely honest with ourselves;  both as participants in, and observers of humanity.  If the technology and resulting option to upload what is "consciousness" into an artificial yet functional form became available to even 1% of the worlds population--the very last thing "our" minds would contemplate would be the cosmetic appearance of the machine.  A fleshy appearance resembling that of a real human would be one of the last priorities--at least in regard to research and development.


        With that being said, what difference would it make if we were "capable" of uploading consciousness to a flesh bag, or a metallic machine?  Where do we begin to "judge" others, and based upon what principles and/or ethics do we base ourselves?  Our natural-physical bodies are biological machines of the highest order, yet nonetheless--still a machine;  it requires a power source as well as an operating intelligence--in order for it to function properly and/or efficiently.


        From whence does the physical form receive it's "sentience"--and where does "it" transition to upon permanent-departure from the physical form?

Virtual Realirt, Holographic Man.  An image of a robot animating by a sentient-intelligence.
World Wide Web
World Wide Web, A high voltage matrix.  Image of a man outlined in data and code.

        Before the internet achieved world wide exposure, it was more-so a mystical tool used by "Tech-Wizards" at the time.  Never before in modern history has the capability to transmit large amounts of data across such long distances, and in a short amount of time been achievable until recent decades.  Strikingly, these achievements led to even greater discoveries;  as our founding mothers-fathers of the internet quickly learned they didn't create anything, but had tapped into an already existing "network of light."


        What resulted from these discoveries were expansive networks of copper wire-to home/network installations, which transmitted electro-light data to and from servers;  and then on to fiber optics--which transmit "pure-light" signals through extremely thin glass filaments.  However, the "wi-fi" network has always existed, and is the primary medium through which the world wide web (WWW) is experienced.


        We as human beings, are in a sense--packs of data within the WWW--moving to and fro throughout the hardware-components, software and peripherals, which is the Earth itself.  What we've managed to accomplish as a species, is a micro "intranet" of an already existing macro "internet";  the same is attributable to video games and similar forms of digital entertainment.  Not everything about 3D reality is concrete, and modern science has confirmed this fact--physical matter accounts for 5% of all occupied space within the universe, leaving 95% to the "abstract".

Ethereal Oddities

        Piggybacking atop the advent of the world wide web, various and expansive experiential accounts of ethereal experience have been shared and viewed by millions of people.  Without the ability to communicate with light-speed, these odd and abstract experiences would be limited to the locale their witnessed in.  Minus the extreme of the sort, there are still collective-ethereal experiences that lack "proper" scientific explanation and/or  based-theory.  Quantum Physics is "the" branch of science at the forefront of encompassing the validity of ethereal-reality;  the proof is very evident--so much that even the branch itself is slowly moving towards a more abstract approach;  via "CERN", one amongst many examples.


        We are the living "Ethereal Oddity", even we as the dominant specie lack complete understanding in regard to the nature and purpose of our "collective" existence;  most of us have a hard enough time even attempting to figure out our purpose as a "singular" being.  Occurrences such as dreams, out of body and near death experiences--are all relative and unique to the individual(s) experiencing them.  To limit all of time "immemorial" to brain-activity, is absolutely absurd--and can be dis-proven through first-hand experience.  Being that we are singular beings, yet still part of a collective--and always will be;  it's our duty to "know", not convince--self "Gnosis" is the key.

Near Death Experiences

        I personally, have never experienced a NDE;  however, the recollections disclosed to me through close friends of mine typically match up with the collective experience.  One friend named "Reef" was assaulted by gun-fire once upon a time, and he almost died on the way to the hospital due to his injuries--he described this experience to me;  "Everything around me was melded, I really can't explain what I saw--couldn't even see myself or my body.  Next thing I knew, I was flying into the sun and without fear--before I woke up in a hospital bed with tubes in my mouth."  Another instance of NDE witnessed by another very close friend of mine went as such;  a man had been shot and was dying on the pavement, he frantically informed everyone that he was getting hot--and could see fire.  Also, he continuously shrieked "oh my god, I'm going to hell", until he eventually changed form.


        NDEs are yet another "oddity" experienced by physical-human beings that science has yet a "concrete" answer for.  The foremost explanation is that it's a last ditch effort of the ego-conscious mind to exist, before the brain inevitably "shuts-off";  this however, is an elementary assumption and also a very limiting perspective.  Let's forget about the initial NDE experience for a moment, and focus upon communication with the deceased.  How is it possible for incarnate humans to communicate with brain-less discarnate beings?  The most obvious argument to the question, regardless of an answer--would be that they're memories of the person deceased transfigured within the mind;  yet, this fails to explain how certain individuals receive communications from deceased "persons" whom they've never met--nor have they ever seen before.

Near death experiences, nearing event horizon.  Image of the spirit of a man observing his body attempting to be resussicated.
Light-Code Lock-Down
Matrix code, light-code lockdown. Image of digital code.

        Everything we know to be true, and believe to be unreal--are light codes perceived and/or interpreted by us, the observer;  and to whatever degree we're capable of formulating a coherent message out of the information presented will be relative to the operator behind the machine.  For example, every word in this article has a unique "genesis" relative to each and every individual--no single person will consume and digest the information contained herein in the exact same way as the next;  we're all unique in our own--singular way.


        The Holographic Matrix isn't something to fear and/or dread, it's simply a hypothetical representation of universal principles and mathematical equations--observable in real time.  Light-code lock-down involves "transmuting" relative "frequencies" into resonant-fields--the most dense of which will always be the point of origin;  hence the "lock-down."  Typically, when we think of ghosts and spirits--they appear to be "holograms";  if we were to reach out to touch one, we'd go right through it--and vice versa if "it" were to attempt the same.  We're separated by resonance frequencies, based in density--yet maintained by active or "oscillating" energy;  so, just because we can walk right through a ghost or spirit--doesn't mean it isn't "dense" relative to it's resonant frequency.

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