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The Ethereal Universe: A Spiritual Reality

        There are unseen forces relative to our reality, as well as co-existing powers and principalities at work within this realm;  whether we're aware of the fact or not--the very dynamics of multi-dimensional existence will inevitably lead to an ethereal or "etheric" experience.


        Just as there's a structured hierarchy present in any civilized society, the same is reflected within the entirety of the ethereal universe.  By definition, the word ethereal means--"extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world";  can you think of anything in this world that fits the description?  Well, I can--things like:  Gods, dreams, psychic visions, etc, all appear to be supernatural and a bit too perfect for this world.


        The Ethereal Universe encompasses all things supernatural and spiritual, comprised of all spiritual dimensions and realities possible.  This series will detail the most prevalent and important factors relative to the Ethereal, and will also shed light upon the intricate dynamics involved with navigating it's multi-dimensionality--plus much more.

Picture of a man within the ethereal universe, walkinmg a golden brick path into the all.

By:  Domin'Theos


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Two knights face off, one armed with a warhammer and the other with a sword.
A gothic gate with white light in the doorway, the background is split between light and darkness.
A brave knight faces off with a monstrosity of a dragon, at the edge of a cliff.
5 people form a ritual circle with a skull and upside down pentagram in the middle.
A dreamy night sky filled with clouds and stars, you have a birds eye view of clouds above and the clouds below.
Normal Matter - The Dense Body 8) The Elements: Chakras, Dense and Subtle Body Excerpt: 7th Dimensional Reality represents the Cosmic-Trinity of: Soul, Spirit and Body--and is the first manifestation of "Lesser-Light." Understand, the elements have their representative-form in every dimension below 7D--and so does spirit. Variations in frequency are what separates visible-matter from it's dark-counterpart, and the slight-decrease in vibration provided by-way of our physical form represents the "veil" between the-two; also, it's possible to tap-into the dark-matter portion of our elemental-form and activate the energy contained within-it to our benefit--or detriment. There's an absolute-reason why dark-matter accounts for more than 95% of the visible-universe, and it could very-well be that those of us whom temporarily-dwell within normal-matter are simply existing in a pocket-dimension of 3D reality--the whole of it may just exist outside of the...
Universe A - The Original Creation 9) The All: Duality of Creation and Parallel Universes Excerpt: There's two sides of creation, one is original and the other is a copy of-it; the Soul is eternal and everlasting--it's the GOD of both modes of creation. The original-creation is one of magic and wonder, yet this is the norm within its sphere of existence--it's 100% perfect. It was the first manifestation "within" The-All and found its completion as a threefold multi-verse, picture it this way; everything within the realm of Soul is "you", there is no outside influence or manipulation involved--this is the only light you know and everything outside of you is darkness. Then and all of a sudden, you begin to interact with "forces" outside of yourself and the darkness that once lingered on the outer-boundaries of your domain are now illuminated by the light of another--this is the...




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