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Dream Interpretation

By:  Domin'Theos

A fingerprint in the sky, transforming piece by piece into birds flying away from it.

        Ever had a dream so compelling that you'd stop at nothing to know it's meaning?  Indeed, there are some that when remembered consume our thoughts for days, months and even years.  Being that we live in the age of information-technology it's quite easy to search for the answers to questions we have about our them.  Though inevitably, we find the majority of free information regarding dreams and their meaning are either someones' opinion from a-z, or we learn that we'd have to pay for their opinion about our personal thoughts and feelings;  neither option is a poor choice, especially if you believe the information you're receiving to be true and trust the source.


        Contrastingly, there's a do-it-yourself method for breaking down dream symbolism that I've developed and it's worked for many years;  I've coined it "Theos Style" and it involves a three-pronged approach suitable for all levels of expertise.  The path begins at "Archetypes", then on to "Symbols" and ends with "Psyche."  Picture it this way:  archetypes represent the world you live in, symbols represent the people, places and things around you, and lastly psyche represents you with quantum self-knowledge.  Having knowledge of self allows you to effectively judge with proper discernment all things around you, and in effect reveals the world at its' essence to you.  Now, reverse the path of self knowledge from the bottom-up to top-down, and there you will find proper dream interpretation.


        Your dreams are as unique to you as your fingerprints and no one can truly decode them better than you.


        Assuming you're familiar with DC Comics, I'd like for you to choose either "Batman" or "Superman" as your preferred character.  No matter the decision;  both are representations of an archetype, that of "The Hero."  Know someone emotionally sensitive?  Astrology dictates that most sensitive people may very well be under the influence of "Cancer";  a zodiac sign which is also an archetype.


        The deciding factor in designating archetypes is your own discernment.  To the mass human collective Batman may be a hero but to you he may represent a different archetype.  People, places and things are all subject to these classifications and no one thing is limited to just one archetype.


        There's no authoritative list other than what we as humans have collectively compiled;  you can search the collective and/or make your own list for dream decoding.

A lady sitting in a beautiful courtyard removes a face mask, it drifts away from her hand whilst transforming into a butterfly, flying away.


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Two knights face off, one armed with a warhammer and the other with a sword.
Child in a foggy dismal place, red balloon stuck just out of reach in a tree branch.  The trees are withered, road jagged and laced with snow.

        Take a good look at the picture to your left, spend a few minutes decoding the message you believe it's projecting.


        You've just interpreted someone else's dream, whether it's their truth or not.  Apply that same method to decoding the symbols in your dreams and as a reference point I'll pick a few things in this picture I believe to be worthy dream symbols:  the boy, red balloon, snow, withering trees, jagged rocky path and fog.


        Keep in mind that we're interpreting a picture and not an ethereal dream;  those are much more complicated and unique to every individual.  Apply archetypes to each symbol you can recall within your dreams and begin to organize the two (Archetype > Symbol) into a coherent message relating to self ("psyche").


        Know thyself is the rule of law.  Applied logic can attest to, just as Universal Law dictates that:  with knowledge of self, your authority over what you deem to be truth in relation to self, is;  apply the same ideology to your dreams as well.


        Now, I'm sure you've heard the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility," if not then shame on you;  just kidding but the fact still remains that with knowledge of self comes the responsibility of embodying the wisdom that knowledge cultivates.


        Think back as far into your childhood as you can remember, always utilize that snapshot of yourself as a start towards pinpointing the state and condition of your present psyche.  Your psyche is the ultimate determining factor as to what your dreams mean to you.

A businessman walking on an empty road.  His face is moved open like a hinged door, revealing a child inside the face littered with stars.
One of my Dreams, Interpreted Theos Style

        I'm going to present a very short, yet revealing dream that I'll never forget.  I had this dream almost 11 years ago and though it was a very simple sequence;  the message it represented sticks with me to this day.  Here's how a simple Theos Style dream interpretation is practiced with an example from my book of dreams.


  •     Scene


        Starry night, middle of the street of Lakeshore Blvd., directly parallel to Euclid Hospital.  Everything matches RTS with above 75% accuracy.


        There's a massive group of people divided by roughly 100 ft, each group shouting at the other.


  •     Plot


        I become lucid directly in the center of both groups, kneeling on one knee like T-800's first appearance in "Terminator II";  though, fully clothed and facing away-North of either side.


  •     Sequence


        I rise to both feet and look to the night sky;  the moon was bright and surround by a rainbow-like sparkling aura, filled with stars.  Afterwards, I'd commenced to slowly walk towards the group of people to my right and immediately they'd begun to charge in my direction.  Without ever looking behind me, I began running in the opposite direction and before I knew it I was trampled by both sides.  Sequence terminates soon afterwards.


  •     Key Points of Remembrance


    •         Though being fully capable, I didn't fly into the sky but was moved to get involved.
    •         The hospital was directly parallel to me and no more than 100 ft away;  I still had no desire to go there even though it was outside the battle zone.
    •         I didn't recognize any of the faces, nor could I recall what any of them looked like;  everything happened so fast.
    •         Fight or flight mode kicked in after I made the "choice", that's when the battle began.
    •         I wasn't attacked at all, just run over.  I remember feeling lonely as everyone was fighting on top of me.



  •     Archetypes Present


        Crossroad, Portal, Fool, Coward, Loner, The One, Humanity, Divinity


  •     Symbols Present


        Dual Opposition, Mob Action, Moon, Stars, Street, Hospital


  •    Psyche Evaluation





Dream Sequence 69, Theos Style.
A gothic gate with white light in the doorway, the background is split between light and darkness.
A brave knight faces off with a monstrosity of a dragon, at the edge of a cliff.
A dreamy night sky filled with clouds and stars, you have a birds eye view of clouds above and the clouds below.
A cloaked figure stands in the forest, mysterious.
A giant human brain absorbing electricity in the sky.

        The conclusion I'd reached as to what this dream could represent in, or about my life;  obviously, can only be truly valued by me, and this is why it's very important that you take it upon yourself to interpret your own dreams.  Seek the "opinion" of others as a means to reference and verify, if need be, your own conceptions.


        I welcome you to use this dream interpretation as a template to practicing Theos Style.  Seeing as how I didn't reveal to you my own thesis regarding the event;  please let me know what you think this dream means to me in the comments below.  As always take care, and be safe.

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