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The Dimensions
Man atop a mountains peak, of which resembles an eagles head.  A bridge made of stone laces the cloud from the mountain to a city in the sky.

By:  Domin'Theos

        We've arrived at Part 3:  Advanced Dream Theory.  By now you should be familiar with the "ins and outs" of the astral-dream world;  if you've missed the first two sections it's highly advised that you start from the beginning of the series.  We're going to pick up the pace as we reach the conclusion to Dream Theory at Quantum Disclosure, and I genuinely hope this information is beneficial to you.


        Humans have not just one body, but multiple ethereal bodies that occupy the same space as our physical form;  here, we'll discuss three known dimensions relative to the human being.


        After years of searching for some Spiritual "Guru" that would validate me as a real Occultist, I finally began to search for the master within;  and hopefully this series will inspire you to do the same.


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3rd Dimension

        Our physical reality consists of three spatial dimensions:  length, width and height;  understand that we won't approach it from this perspective, but from an ethereal one.  The 3rd Dimension represents all things physical, including the perception of time within it, and this dimension is the most dense human reality possible.


        The human body is very squishy, and I mean that in a literal sense;  as we're comprised mostly of flesh, bone and 70% fluids.  When competing against one another for example, there's a clear line that separates sport from malice;  physical war displays the very limits of the human form in a 3D setting, and those strengths and weaknesses serve as a symbolic representation of our designs purpose.  Likewise, when we physically embrace each other there's a feeling of love and affection that's generated;  if taken a step further, two adults may engage in consensual procreation.


        There's a universal purpose relative to the human form that involves all those who incarnate within it;  that purpose being "soul progression."  A person doesn't have to adhere to the universal purpose of the human form in order to be bound by it, and this is in essence the fundamental basis of the cycle of "reincarnation."  If it were our purpose to settle our differences with physical combat, then we'd have an exoskeleton as opposed to a fleshy exterior;  and likewise if punching each other in the face was a customary way of saying "hello."


        Let's briefly discuss the concept of soul progression, and why it suits the 3rd Dimension.

  •     Soul Progression


        The modern lifespan of a human being usually caps at roughly 120 years, and within space-time that may seem like an eternity;  however, 120 years would pass in the blink of an eye in higher ethereal realms.


        We're afforded literal "time" to experience whatever we choose, and due to the nature of physical reality this enables us to effect spiritual change within our soul force.  The passage of time is so slow in 3rd dimensional reality, that the portion of spirit-soul we manifest will appear to be "frozen in time" from an ethereal viewpoint.


        Picture it this way, imagine a blank painters canvas that self-generates immaculate works of art in 12 hours or less;  our entire 120 year lifespan is akin to this painting from an ethereal perspective.

Male and female brains seperate yet connecting through energy, the earth being inside the ming of woman and the heavens being inside the man.
4th Dimension




Two knights face off, one armed with a warhammer and the other with a sword.
A gothic gate with white light in the doorway, the background is split between light and darkness.

        The astral, or "realm of emotion", is where we experience what seems to be timelessness.  For example,  there are instances where you may wake up prematurely at let's say, 7 A.M.;  you weren't expecting to wake up until 7:30, so you try to catch an extra 20 minutes of rest.  During this 20 minute nap, you may have a dream that feels as if a few hours have passed, but in all actuality only 3 earth minutes have went by.


        The astral realm is an interesting one, especially in regard to planet earth.  Our astral plane is one with an extremely broad polar scale as we express every emotion from infatuation to detestation, and that's an understatement.  Our true power as human beings lies in the range and magnitude of our emotional spectrum, one of the most broad in all the Multi-verse.


        The astral power we're capable of wielding is reminiscent of a gift and a curse, and I'll explain why.  When incarnating in the 3rd Dimension, we form an astral body along the way;  this body is comprised of raw emotional "power", and is formed during the initial descent into 3D reality.  However,  when ascending into higher realities we must inevitably relinquish our powers to their "abode of origin."

A brave knight faces off with a monstrosity of a dragon, at the edge of a cliff.
A sky split between 6 comets falling in a red sky towards a bright and blue sky with a single sun.
  •     Good vs Evil


      Good and evil are concepts exclusive to the 4th dimension, and are played out on the 3D stage by-way of the physical body;  to subscribe to either polar opposite is a natural expression of astral reality.


        However, in lack of a physical body, the astral form becomes the immediate domain of causal-spirit;  and at this point, ego expends it's reserve in a last ditch effort to "survive."  A struggle ensues between the ego-mind, and the causal-mind while in astral form, and winner takes all.


        The key to traversing this realm lies in emotional neutrality;  and whilst managing the ego of human psyche--you must also be able to "realize" good and evil as one.

5th Dimension

        Mankind believes its mental capacity to be the pinnacle of earth-based intelligence and conscious thought;  this however, just isn't true.  Yes, there are those bright souls among us that express extremely high mental aptitude, but the truth still remains that we are more emotional as a species than mental.


        The "Causal" realm is the domain of the human archetype, the very idea and ideology of humanity itself.  The 5th Dimension is rarely traversed during astral projection, and this may be for various reasons.  For instance, if during an astral projection I somehow link with the mental realm;  the timelessness I thought I was experiencing in the astral, could be multiplied into a "pocket dimension" of eternity.  Incarnate mental-realm transmissions may last for what seem to be years, and this is due to the inherent nature and framework of the mind itself.


        Emotions, are in a sense the polar opposite of thought;  and there is no better representation of this fact than the mental mechanisms of the 5th dimension.

  •     Right & Wrong


        Quite similar as to how the concept of good vs evil polarizes the 4th dimension, the idea of right and wrong polarizes the mental plane just the same.


        The following example should properly explain the difference between the previously mentioned systems:  the archetype of the warrior is established as the 5th Dimensional "cause" of a particular individual, this is right.  Also, when forming an astral body, the act of killing "enemies" feels good.  While incarnate, this individual may slay hundreds of people;  all the while thinking and believing these to be "righteous" acts.  Most people that oppose the very essence of the aforementioned being will oppose it from an astral perspective, before ever considering the "cause."


        Ascension beyond this dimension usually results in eventual disconnect from the human experience;  and information relative to that which is beyond this dimension--I simply lack the faculties to communicate.

A genderless imprint of a person with the universe within its head.
A dreamy night sky filled with clouds and stars, you have a birds eye view of clouds above and the clouds below.
A cloaked figure stands in the forest, mysterious.
An imprint of a female head in the universe, containing it as well.
A giant human brain absorbing electricity in the sky.

        Planes-walking in practice, is the ability to traverse dimensional planes while being able to recall the experience upon return;  astral projection is a sub-class within the whole, and likewise is incarnation into 3D reality.  There's privilege involved with being able to incarnate into the physical human form, and as well when attempting to project consciousness outside of it.


        Multi-Verse Theory when based in 3D reality, brings attention to the possibility that there are infinite versions of our universe;  and that all possible outcomes are played out through infinite versions of ourselves.  "Deja Vu" is accomplished through planes-walking the 3D multi-verse by projecting your psycho-spiritual self into a probable, yet relative future version of yourself.


        Had enough yet?  If your answer was no then great, there's more;  the next article will discuss the fundamental principle of the human archetype itself.

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