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Deja Vu

By:  Domin'Theos

Man stuck with impluse, transitions to thinking, recalls a dream, connects it to deja vu.


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        To kick off Part 2: Intermediate Level Dream Theory, we'll start with a very interesting and key topic known as "Deja Vu".  As discussed in the previous section, Deja Vu is very similar to yet different from psychic dreams;  it requires no decoding or interpretation as the event is an exact replica of a previous dream.


        Imagine dreaming that you're sitting at a park, and a very beautiful butterfly with distinct colors flies in front of you;  then, without recalling the dream upon waking, you visit that park and experience the dream you've unknowingly had "to the tee."  Deja Vu occurs when a lucid "dream like feeling" causes you to form a 3D mental image of your immediate environment, and from a third person perspective;  hence connecting the real time experience (RTE) with the dream.  You're basically "living the dream" when you experience Deja Vu.


        Nevertheless, the the focal point of this article won't be the "what" in regard to Deja Vu;  instead we'll concentrate on "where" the event sources from, and how.

Time and Space
Worm hole connecting time to space, and space to time.

        We live in a 4D world with 3 spatial dimensions (length, width, height), and a 4th known as "time."  The dimension of time is what we fundamentally base our reality around, and the spatial dimensions follow.  For example, it's a fact that as time passes human beings will grow older;  change is essentially enacted through time while the spatial dimensions act as indicators of location, direction, shape, etc.


        Generally, when we think of time we think of it in a linear sense;  hence, it takes X amount of time to reach location B from A, and so on.  Likewise, when we think of time travel the first thing that comes to mind is a "Time Machine" or "Wormhole" of some sort.  In this portion of Dream Theory we'll discuss time from a deviating standpoint, correlating Deja Vu with dreams and the 4th Dimension.

  •     4D - Time Machine


        The movie "Back to the Future" is one of the most popular time travel movies of the 20th century.  It left with us the idea that time travel is possible, though;  you'd first need a mad scientist to build you a time machine.  Truth is yes, a time machine is required to travel through time--but here's the kicker;  we lack the technology at present to construct it, and if we are capable of constructing one then don't expect to see the technology in the public arena for let's say--a few THOUSAND years.


        Bummer right?  Well, not so much;  see, we practice time travel though in it's most basic form every time we think of the past.  Whether our retrospective thoughts take us to the previous day or back an entire decade, the fact remains that we're internally experiencing a past event while in the relative "present."  Retrospective "thought-time travel" (R-TTT) is the easiest to perform and this is due to the fact that we've already experienced the event;  so with a little mental effort we can recall and theoretically re-live the experience.


        Next, and ranked a tier above R-TTT is Prospective-TTT;  this tier hosts the realm of the psychic and seer.  Any event foretold with 75% accuracy and above fits Tier 2.  Using P-TTT, the future is usually witnessed aurally and/or visually;  and from a third person perspective as first person experience is rare.  In practice, the "psycho-spiritual" (PS) self of a psychic deviates from the linear path of time with the sole intent of "knowing" and is in effect ethereally magnetized towards the most probable future outcome.


        Finally we reach the third tier of organic time travel,  RTS-TT.  Remember the term "real time space" we defined in the first article of Dream Theory?  Well, RTS-time-travel involves a PS-being literally breaking the "established" laws of time in order to experience in RT the "exact future" of any chosen "space."  For example, "remote viewing" is a practice that involves projecting one's PS-self into RTS with the purpose of observing the events that take place in RT;  but from an ethereal perspective.


        Deja Vu falls under the banner of third tier, and it's basically remote viewing on steroids.  However, Deja Vu itself isn't the act, it's more-so an indicator that RTS-TT has taken place;  the actual practice is termed "Planes-Walking" and is based in "Dimensional Theory."  We'll discuss the two previously mentioned topics later in the advanced section of Dream Theory.


        On the whole, your physical vessel "is" the time machine and your PS-self is what's projecting backwards and forward through time.

Ethereal Energy

        As mentioned in the introductory section to Dream Theory, the Ethereal Realm hosts all abstract realities outside of our own concrete one.  So, it'd make sense to assume that "Ethereal Energy" is comprised of all abstract energies as well.  Thoughts and emotion require energy to form and process them, and the source of that energy stems from the ethereal realm.


        Our thoughts and emotions can be felt and/or perceived physically by others, and without us ever muttering a word or performing a physical act representative of such;  this is accomplished through our innate ethereal connection to "all that is."


        Energy transforms from one form to another, so for example;  I've had a bad day and I'm feeling hatred towards my boss while walking home from work, and no matter the level or degree of hatred-- there's still a trail of ethereal energy I'm leaving in my wake, similar to a jets' contrail.  Of course the remnant dissipates over time, but depending on the emotional intensity and conscious thought applied;  that trail could linger for hours, even days.  Those sensitive enough to pick up on even the slightest of energetic remnants, yet skilled enough to limit connection as well;  may still "sense" the hatred in the air due to it's intensity and level of resonance.

Male and female, chakras represented by colors of the rainbow from the genitals to the skull.  Energy glowing and mixing with eachother.
  •     Conjoined Dreams


        Seeing as we've briefly discussed time and space, conjoined (shared) dreams would seem like we're deviating from the point.  Not only will I inform you that this topic ties right into what we've discussed thus far, I'll also provide two real life experiences of mine as examples.


        When we experience Deja Vu and it involves other people, we naturally want to inquire as to if they experienced the same "flashback."  Have the experience enough times and continue to question your friends about it;  before you know it you won't have any friends at all.  On a more serious note, there are instances where another party is not only able to verify the flashback but they're also able to recall past events that you experienced;  events they weren't present for.


        The "Akashic Records", is essentially an ethereal 5th Dimensional library of all things past.  For every action there's a reaction, and whenever we do something physically there's an ethereal record that's generated in it's place.  The ethereal energy expended during an event transforms into the record itself, self sustaining and ever-present.  When we think of the past, we're in effect accessing the Akashic Records.  Recurring dreams, nightmares, even those we create from scratch are all stored in these records;  and whether we like it or not they're "open to the public", hence the term "What's done in the dark, must come to the light."


        The following experiences I present to you are prime examples of accessing the Akashic Record of someone else, and sharing a conjoined dream while being able to recall it upon waking.  To me it's proof that RTS-TT is possible, both forward and backwards.


    1) The First Time


        I was about 21 years old, struggling with student debt and to be quite honest;  in desperate need of some help.  Temporarily living at my aunt's, I had a deadline to meet in regard to my living arrangements.  Note:  I provide this info as a sort of backdrop into how significant this experience was for me at the time.  Moving on, I spent some of my spare time playing browser games online and had made a friend at one of the sites, I'd known her for about 2 weeks at this point.


        She knew what I was into as I'd informed her upon meeting that I'm a practicing Occultist, and surprisingly she didn't brush me off as a "crack-pot".  We'd spoken over the phone only twice up until then, and hadn't again for about 4 days.  She called me on the 5th day late in the evening, claiming she had a weird dream she wanted to tell me about.


        My friend said she had a dream that she was sitting on a couch, in a house she didn't recognize and with people she didn't as well;  the only person she could recognize was me.  There were children around and two women authoritatively telling me how I should get food stamps since I don't have a job,.  On top of that, she claims that after getting my attention I'd begun babbling about some girl named (no reveal) and how she broke my heart.  During the entire disclosure, I could only listen with my jaw on the floor;  as she'd not only described an event that took place the previous day to the tee, she'd also described my then present emotional state over a girlfriend I'd been separated from for two years.


        Thinking in hindsight about the situation:  number one, my friend accessed an Akashic Record of mine, and number two she'd dug deeper;  accessing yet another record by interacting with the record itself.  I hadn't informed her of any of this information, and she basically pierced what I'd thought to be the veil of secrecy surrounding my personal life.  To say the least, I was more than impressed.


    2)  The Second Time


        Almost enamored by her, I 'd decided to take it a step further and see if we could share a dream together.  I'd asked her to practice the method detailed in the Lucid Dreaming section, where by using your imagination you project consciousness directly into a dream-scape.  This story won't be as long as the last because believe it or not, we both shared the same dream sequence.  She called me the very next day, and filled with excitement might I add.  She'd informed me that she was successful at "dreaming" herself onto the beach, and I was there to congratulate her.  To make a long story short, we got married a year later in 2012 and have been ever since.




Two knights face off, one armed with a warhammer and the other with a sword.
A gothic gate with white light in the doorway, the background is split between light and darkness.
A brave knight faces off with a monstrosity of a dragon, at the edge of a cliff.
A dreamy night sky filled with clouds and stars, you have a birds eye view of clouds above and the clouds below.
A cloaked figure stands in the forest, mysterious.
A giant human brain absorbing electricity in the sky.
Space and Time
Senior couple sitting on a bench, in a forest type setting.  The males arm is around the female, she's cuddled to him.

        The majority of Deja Vu instances we have are experienced alone.  I personally, have never shared a RTS-TT event that could be confirmed by anyone else;   I'm usually the only one aware of the "glitch" and likewise unaware when others experience it.


        Space and time is a path that's intended to be traveled in linear fashion, and there are infinite ways to tread that path.  It's to be expected that a RTS-TT experience you've had may not correlate with someone else's version;  the point is that the possibility exists.


        Use this information to take your Occult practices to the next level, as experiential proof is the best proof.

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