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        Well, for any reasonable purpose; to keep things simple we'll break it down into personal and business communications.  Feel free to contact us with any question or inquiry you may have, and we'll respond to you as soon as  possible.


        For a more interactive means of communication please visit our Quantum Disclosure Forum, there you can share and build with our amazing web community.



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May I Republish Your Article on my Website?

        Of course!  All content published by Quantum Disclosure is protected under Federal Copyright Law, but that doesn't mean we want to hoard it all for ourselves.


        You may publish (one) article from QD as long as you:


  1.  Display the author name directly under the headline.
  2.  Display a live, do-follow source link at the top of the article body.


        Translations are more than welcome and should adhere to these rules.

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