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By:  Domin'Theos

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        Consciousness is a gift we often take for granted.  When dealing with Dream Theory, I'd like to make it a point that you form a clear idea of the difference between "awareness" and consciousness.  To become aware of something doesn't necessarily make you any more "conscious";  consciousness directly correlates with spirit as awareness corresponds to ego.


        A good example of the difference between the two would go as such:  John Doe drives to and from work without ever wearing a seatbelt;  assuming he's aware that he isn't wearing one, he may or may not be conscious to the fact that he's at a greater risk of being ejected during an accident.  John Doe won't become "aware" that he's at risk until an accident happens, and by then it's too late.  Also, he may become conscious to the fact or "realize" that he made a poor choice not to wear a seatbelt;  something that isn't typical of the ego-mind but an instance that awareness will stimulate indefinitely.  The ego may quite possibly have been the reason John didn't wear the seatbelt in the first place by blocking conscious thought altogether.


        "To be conscious is to be alive, and to be aware is to exist" --- Domin'Theos | Master Occultist


        Thank you--thank you;  I'd climbed Mt. Namcha Barwa in Tibet and meditated for 60 days with nothing more than an olive for sustenance before that quote came to mind, hah.  Anyhow, this article will briefly detail the conscious experience;  explaining it's properties both in, and outside of our concrete reality.

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      Go an entire day without eating, and your conscious mind by way of hunger-pains should alert you to the issue.  Continue without eating for an extra day and your ego will step in with possible "suggestions".  Go on for a third day, and you won't be able to tell the difference between the two;  your conscious mind may have you eating bug stew while your ego reflects on how disgusting it tastes, or vice versa.


        Apply the aforementioned scenario as an analogy towards how psycho-spirit functions in the ethereal realm.  Our thoughts and emotions maintain an energetic field both in and around us that vibrates with a certain frequency, this forms our psycho-spiritual aura.  Our physical body vibrates at various frequencies as well, though at rates much lower than the weakest of auric fields;  this is why we find it so easy to return to during astral projections.


        In lack of a physical body, psycho-spirit naturally gravitates towards it's inherent "field";  any change in frequency from then on would be a deviation from what naturally "is", and that signature-resonance will henceforth be the "domain of origin" until the frequency is either: raised, lowered or the energy itself is "deplete."

  •     The Ethereal Body


        The soul is something that's unique and immortal, it is what it is;  imagine soul as data that flows on streams of light through fiber-optic cables, the light itself being spirit and the receiver-of being your ether-physical body.  The amount of "soul force" an individual incarnates with can only be realized by the individual in "possession" of it.  For example, the amount of soul force I choose to incarnate with could represent my entire catalog, yet the amount you choose to incarnate with could be just one page from your book;  comparably, the one page of soul data you've channeled through and to your physical form could represent a source thrice that in relative power to my entire soul history.


        The ethereal body is a "proxy" by which human beings channel soul;  it's the body that receives ethereal energy before our physical vessel transmutes it into thought, emotion, action, etc.  Generally, we associate love and hate as emotions that are sourced from our hearts;  when in fact the heart is just the primary organ for emotional reception, as well as the main muscle that pumps blood through our veins and arteries.  Our brain is the seat of consciousness, and the heart is the vessel that encapsulates our true nature;  the two transmute spirit-soul by-proxy ethereal body whilst functioning both "co" & independent of each-other.  All body parts and organs have their place in the grand scheme of things, but that's a topic for another discussion.


        Now, even though our physical body vibrates at a frequency more dense than that of the ethereal, it still has it's place in the "circle of life."  Soul progression is a spiritual concept and we'll be covering the topic in the advanced section of Dream Theory;  however, without skipping a beat I will inform you that one of the  main purposes of having a physical body at all is for this very reason.  There are other subtle bodies higher in frequency than that of the ethereal, and we'll discuss those as we progress through the series.


        The ethereal body, which allegedly weighs roughly 21 grams will eventually "perish" along with the physical;  it's fundamental purpose is to behave as a membrane between all things physical and ethereal.  The "astral plane" is the realm where dreams are experienced, as well as the first destination upon departure from the physical world.




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The Afterlife

        Life after death is a very sensitive topic, and there's various viewpoints associated with the matter;  some believe in a religious afterlife, while others believe there is no life other than the physical.  Whatever the case, we'll be discussing the topic from the perspective of consciousness.


        Again, the ethereal body is the membrane between our physical and astral body.  It's the astral body that our psycho-spiritual self projects consciousness to while we're alive, and when we pass away we become "based" in that form;  this is why it's so important to take control of your dreams while in the physical, as upon death there is no physical body to return to when exiting dream sequences, it's no longer a dream.


        Below we'll discuss the difference between psycho-spirit and astral-spirit;  it's important to remember that energy only transforms from one form to another, hence the cycle of life and death.


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  •     Disembodied Spirits


        No matter the condition of your life at the moment, always know it's a precious gift that has it's purpose whether you realize it or not.  Psycho-spirit is a term exclusive to physical reality, as the "psycho" portion represents the mind and spirit represents whatever vessel consciousness inhabits;  in our case it would represent the ether-physical body, so PS is the spiritual representation of our physical selves.  Be that as it may, PS is impermanent;  the only thing we possess that's immortal is spirit-soul.  The further we progress through spirit, the more disconnected we become with "humanity";  henceforth, PS transform into higher and expanded levels of conscious being.


        Essentially, we become "disembodied spirits" while dreaming and remain connected to our bodies by an umbilical-like cord;  our dreams represent all things known-to and experienced-by us, with proper control we can create our own dreams through the power of imagination and spirit.  The astral space we "inhabit" during dream sequences has it's boundaries, those being set and enforced primarily by "free will";  other beings can "introduce" themselves into the space you occupy but only by-way of similar frequency, and the only way "personal interaction" may take place is by invitation or connection.


        For example, you're dreaming of walking a magic twilight path, and a bunny-rabbit crosses in front of you;  by following it you're in effect accepting the introduction of "something" independent of the "dream-space" you occupy, and you could very easily welcome the experience by touching the bunny or psycho-spiritually engaging it in any way.  On the flip-side, you could be what's foreign to the astral space;  it could be you that's introducing yourself to the bunny, whose domain is the twilight garden.  The bunny may also not be what it appears to be, and by-way of interaction--you'll definitely find out.


        The astral plane is the realm of disembodied spirits, both alive and deceased;  for those that have passed away, astral projectors (dreamers) are as foreign to the astral world as ghosts are to our physical one.  As explained earlier, the lack of a physical body causes PS to gravitate towards it's inherent domain.  All things you know, believe, think and feel will make up  what is your new "home";  whether or not an individual is conscious to the fact, they'll be aware of it's reality indefinitely.

A dreamy night sky filled with clouds and stars, you have a birds eye view of clouds above and the clouds below.
A gothic gate with white light in the doorway, the background is split between light and darkness.
A cloaked figure stands in the forest, mysterious.
A giant human brain absorbing electricity in the sky.

        Each and everyday grants us the opportunity to effect change, whatever it may entail.  Boredom is an excuse, not a thing;  there's always something to occupy your time with and taking control of your dreams is one of them.  Modern science claims physical matter accounts for less than 5% of everything in existence, leaving 95% to the ethereal.  Stake your claim in some of that prime real estate by reclaiming control of your innate supernatural abilities.


        Treat each dream as an opportunity to perfect your craft;  forge a world that you and others would want to live in.  There's an old saying that goes;  "if you can't make up your own mind then someone else will make it up for you", apply the same logic to your ethereal reality.

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