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Chaos Magic

By:  Domin'Theos

Chaos magic, control out of chaos.  Image of hands maintaining an occult sigil ritual--with an upside down 5-point star and skull in the middle.

        The working order of the Multiverse, and everything in it--exists in a perpetual state of controlled (CC), and uncontrolled Chaos (UC).  There's no such thing in existence that's outside of the realm of chaos, as it cannot be eliminated--but only controlled.  Chaos represents everything disorderly and unpredictable, so for example;  a properly constructed fire-pit in-use, is a form of CC.  If I were to toss a cask of gasoline into the lit fire-pit, UC would ensue within a matter of seconds.


        Chaos Magic (CM) isn't to be confused with the definition of chaos-itself, although--it is based upon the general principle of it's meaning.  "Belief", a word that people commonly toss around like pigskins on a Sunday-Night--is the "ammunition" used in CM, while "Gnosis" represents the "gun";  both go hand-in-hand when practicing it.  From an offensive stance, belief is what's used to control chaos--and Gnosis is what commands it.  When defending against Chaos Magic, Gnosis is what "alerts" an individual to a potential threat and/or attack--while belief is what deflects and/or reflects the magic.


        Master Occultists may avoid an attack altogether by simply "knowing" it has no effect without exerting any emotional-force, and cast spells offensively just the same.  However, being that we're capable of wielding immense emotional-power while incarnate-- most CM is backed with belief, even when practiced by Masters;  in lack of a physical-body, emotional power begins to fade--and all that remains is the mental-force.


        Chaos Magic involves the use of "Tachyon-Energy" (TE), which is the only form of energy capable of manipulating and/or influencing "Anti-Matter."  Tachyons, are hypothetical particles that travel faster than the speed of light;  and anti-matter, represents molecules formed by atoms consisting of:  anti-protons, anti-neutrons and positrons.  Stable anti-matter doesn't exist within our "universe", and this is because it's the "elemental-substance" through which all dimensions of the realm of man (ROM) above 3D reality are formed--it's literally uncontrollable chaos when attempted from a physical standpoint.

        The only "known" thing faster than the speed of light is "thought", and we are our minds--the multiverse is mental;  "Quantum-Entanglement" proves this as well, as when two electrons are close together--they vibrate in unison.  If separated, they remain connected even if they're light-years apart--and when one is jiggled, the other senses the vibration immediately.  The mind in regards to the ROM, is but a single particle in comparison to the whole, which is the soul--our portion of Tachyon-Energy in it's entirety.


        The ability to synchronize the reality of the astral and mental planes with the physical, is the fundamental basis of how Chaos Magic works.  In this article, we'll discuss a few types of Chaos Magic relevant to ethereal reality--and the resulting manifestations when properly practiced;  but first, let's briefly go over the two types of Human-CM.

Spiritual Magic

        Children are the most apt-to perform "Spiritual Magic" (SM), and this is due to the fact that their connection to higher realms is very strong--it was their previous "abode" before incarnating on earth.  From the day of birth to about 3 years of age, our "little-ones" innately coexist within multiple dimensions;  and unless maintained or cultivated any further--it usually fades away by the age of 5.  So if you have a toddler telling you to be nice, or the monster in the corner is going to get you--it may be wise to heed that warning.


        A scenario in which advanced SM was practiced may go as follows;  Jane is suffering from a brain-tumor, and her friend Mary decides to take it upon herself to invoke an  "Angelic-Spirit" to heal her.  Mary forges an "agreement" with--let's say the Archangel "Raphael", and with strict conditions to remain as "holy" as humanly possible--less the Tumor appear in her own brain;  but nonetheless, Jane will be serviced.  If Mary's belief and Gnosis as to the definite reality of the SM about to take place are realized, then all Jane has to do is accept the blessing from her friend and the Archangel Raphael to be healed;  once complete, the tumor will simply disappear by-way of the "laying of hands."


        Mary's devotion to the Angelic-Realm is where her power lies, and she may very well be on her way to transitioning to that realm after her experience in the realm of man.  Her friend may be an atheist who never believed in anything spiritual, but in her time of need--decided to give it a try;  Mary's firm belief and Gnosis of Angelic-Reality was all that was needed to "execute" the "transaction."  Jane wouldn't owe Mary or the Archangel a thing, and this is due to the fact that Mary took it upon herself to bear the brunt of correspondence--by remaining as holy as can be in order to negate negative effects she'd incur by inheriting the duty Jane would've been bound-to if she'd made the "deal" herself.

Spiritual magic, the power within.  Image of a boy in bed with magical things happenign all around him.

        The above scenario is but one of a multitude of ways to practice Spiritual Magic, and the performance of such doesn't always require outside-sources.  There are Occultists alive and well today whom perform SM with their power alone--the more advanced the person, the greater the impact and area-of-effect.  People more inclined to practice spirituality usually excel in this form of Chaos Magic, and the possibilities for manifestation within this category are endless.

Elemental Magic
Elemental magic, external dominance.  Picture of 3 space-mother ships observing earth.

        The "elements" represent all physical matter, all things comprised of elementary atoms reside within this category.  Our physical bodies are the product of elemental substance, and anything that encapsulates spirit represents the same;  also, Tachyon-Energy plays a major role in the manifestation of this form of Chaos Magic.  The combination of elemental and spiritual magic may grant the user the capability to command the weather, or manifest a pyramid from the top down from another reality--and those are just a few possibilities.  However, in this section we'll describe EM as-is--without any cooperating force.


        When you think of a motor-vehicle, more than likely--you imagine your dream-car if you aren't already in possession of it.  However, the process of creating a motor-vehicle is in practice--elemental magic.  The elemental-substances required to forge the body of it  are of the most dense kind, and the elemental-forces required to power the vehicle are more subtle.  In gas-operating engines, chemical reactions must take place in order to activate and force the mobile-mechanisms into action;  the controlled chaos of the internal combustion required to push the pistons within the engine--is elemental magic "as-is".  Only those with knowledge of elemental reality could conceptualize and/or build such a device.


        There are ancient references to "chariots of fire" and "floating cities", all of which denote flying mechanical-objects;  the reason they were documented and explained as such is due to the fact that advanced technology could only be understood, and described by the "less-informed" at the time as "magical".  If you were to see an advanced flying object at this very moment, and then a few seconds later it simply disappeared--I'm pretty sure you'd deem the event "supernatural" or "paranormal" as well, which all equates to EM.  At the end of the day, some of us would rather deal in the elements--while others prefer a more spiritual approach;  and only a very small-elite few excel at both.

The Void

        "Vantablack" is the darkest material on earth at present, it's so dark that if you ran a laser pointer across it's surface--you wouldn't be able to see the red dot.  Now, imagine a darkness so black--that you'd be able to perceive Vantablack if it were superimposed onto it.  "The Void" is the "triple black darkness" beyond the realm of man, encompassing the 7th to 9th dimensions.  Most of us practice Chaos Magic from within the ROM, thereby limiting our powers and capabilities;  only the most powerful of Occultists may channel power directly from The Void.  Nonetheless, we're still capable of some pretty amazing things--both elementally and spiritually;  the combination of which makes for truly unbelievable capabilities.  Below is a basic list of powers/abilities involved with CM within the realm of man.

  • Aerokinesis
  • Astral Projection
  • Atmokinesis
  • Audible Inundation
  • Augmentation
  • Banishing
  • Brainwashing
  • Channeling
  • Clairaudience
  • Cloaking
  • Conjuration
  • Corporealization
  • Cursing
  • Deflection
  • Deviation
  • Discord
  • Divination
  • Dream Leaping
  • Electrokinesis
  • Empathy
  • Enchantment
  • Evocation
  • Flight
  • Force Fields
  • Geokinesis
  • Healing
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Hypnosis
  • Illusions
  • Immunity
  • Intangibility
  • Invincibility
  • Invocation
  • Knowledge Absorption
  • Life Leeching
  • Manifestation
  • Mediumship
  • Mind Manipulation
  • Necromancy
  • Omnilingualism
  • Photokinesis
  • Portal Creation
  • Possession
  • Power Absorption
  • Premonition
  • Psychokinesis
  • Remote Viewing
  • Scrying
  • Spark Containment
  • Super Strength
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy

        Of-course, most powers on the above list are extremely difficult to perform within 3D reality;  however, there's a story for each and every power on-it by someone who's experienced, or witnessed them--do your research to confirm this fact.  As we progress through higher dimensions, reality itself becomes increasingly abstract;  even to the point that the Chaos Magic we believed to be Majestic in lower-planes--actually becomes common-place within these dimensions.  If you're the type to experience lucid dreams regularly, or even every now and then--I'm pretty sure you've performed at-least one of the above forms of CM.  The following sections will detail the polarity that distinguishes practitioners of CM--as well as the attributes and characteristics of both poles.

White Magic

        Though the name may appear to denote something good and/or pure, this isn't always the case.  "White Magic" (WM) is primarily a "defensive" form of CM, and is typically a passive practice--the primary method of defense being "deflection."  White Magicians tend to specialize in:  healing, enchantments, invocation, banishing, immunities, etc--and rarely do they take an offensive-position when engaged in spiritual-warfare.  However, there are instances of WM practitioners whom express the capability to launch supreme-assaults;  although, the majority of them aren't meant to "kill" the target--but only harm them enough to quell the threat and/or "issue".


        There are necessary requisites involved with practicing White Magic, and also with maintaining ones control over it--but they aren't what you may initially have thought.  Concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong--are only relative to the individual;  malevolence is expressed outwardly, and so is benevolence--the key to maintaining any power or ability is in having control over the "operating-force" within.  WM may be used to obliterate a perceived threat, just as much as it may be used to heal an apparent ally--and neither action affects the residing soul-force that wields the power.  The only way a White Magician's power may begin to fade, or cease to function entirely--is if he or she blatantly deviates from the disposition that was the prime-genesis of-it.

White magic, masters of defense.  Picture of a young woman with angel wings sitting in a twilight park.
Black Magic
Black magic, lords of oppression.  Image of a ghastly figure clad in a hood--standing in an forest of despair.

        In similar fashion as to how White Magic can be misconstrued to mean pure benevolence, so can "Black Magic (BM) be misinterpreted as something evil and profane.  It's true, BM is primarily an "offensive" form of Chaos Magic--and the typical method of attack is through the "absorption" of energy;  by simply acknowledging a Dark Magician, you could very well be on your way towards becoming very-sleepy (*Hypnotist Voice*).  However, practitioners aren't required to be "evil" in order to wield BM--one must simply be capable of "receiving."


        Common specialties within this form of CM include:  life-leeching, cursing, hypnosis, mind manipulation, evocation, discord, etc;  and contrary to popular belief, attacks are initiated by-way of a more subtle approach--as opposed to an outright-assault.  A certain disposition is necessary in order to "willingly" siphon energy from another individual, and likewise for seeking to cause them fatal-injury;  nonetheless, this is the fundamental purpose of Black Magic.


        Rarely is BM used as a defense, and more often than not--there's literally no reason to do so;  the only instance Black Magic MUST be used as a defensive method, is if combating a Black Magician of equal or greater power--and in-lack of any knowledge of White Magic and/or help.

The Illuminati

        The etymology of the term "Illuminati" translates to "The Illuminated Ones", and contrary to popular belief--it isn't a group of people in control of the world;  although, this isn't to imply that there's not a group of "exalted" beings-entities ruling this plane either.  To be illuminated, means to be "in the know" or "enlightened"--the illuminated possess superior knowledge and wisdom of the realm of man.  Awareness and/or consciousness doesn't equate to illumination, and the title isn't something that can be inherited--it may only be realized through accomplished wisdom, and knowledge of self.  There is no one path towards activating this state of being, and the requisites necessary to achieve illumination are different for each and every individual.


        For some, enlightenment occurs due to an "active" group effort--and for others it transpires with the help of "passive" group-activity;  we've all had help incarnating within this reality, so there is no road traveled-alone throughout it's entirety.  For example, Ron may ultimately achieve his state of enlightenment through decades of fraternally-organized partnerships;  while on the other-hand, Mike became enlightened through equal decades of a hermit-like lifestyle--with very few meaningful relationships involving other-people.  The overall point is that if both didn't follow the path they'd inevitably chose, it'd be quite possible that they would've never achieved enlightenment within their present life-time--and this is extremely common for most individuals.


        "Spiritual Awakening"--is the direct indicator of attainable enlightenment.  Whether it's accomplished by means of malevolent activity, benevolent actions--or a mixture of both;  what matters is that you have a clear point of origin as to the "direction" you're going in regards to advantageous, or detrimental "actions" relative to the progression of soul.  The most powerful forms of Chaos Magic are cast/activated by the Illuminated Ones--and not even a million "dim-wits" combined could manifest equal-power.  Below, we'll briefly detail two of the most powerful class of contemporary-human CM practitioners.


        At this very moment, there's an estimated $18 trillion dollars in circulation throughout the entire world--which is a $17 trillion increase since 1990.  Also, the world gross domestic product (GDP) totals around $63 trillion--and if distributed equally amongst the worlds population, every individual on earth would earn roughly $9K per year.  The "Forbes List" published annually is a shallow-ranking of the worlds richest individuals, and it's an option as to whether or not you want to be listed--or have your wealth disclosed to the public.  According to Forbes, the worlds richest man at present is Bill Gates with an estimated wealth of $81 billion--and this simply isn't true.


        The "Oligarchs" are chaos magicians whom specialize in tangible-manifestation, or more specifically--the melding of multiple dimensions into one-reality.  Picture it this way, if New York City was under the control of an Oligarchy--then everyone within it's boundaries would be subject to the operating-law of the domain of the Oligarchs;  and not only from 3D, but from a 4th and possible 5th dimensional reality as well.  On the contrary, if NYC is a "free world"--then there'd be no ruling authority over that piece of "space" and/or "time"

Oligarchs, feed the oligarchy.  Image of a rich man and poor man sitting on the curb.  One donation hat is full and the other near empty.

        This class of magician accounts for 5% of the worlds population, yet possess 95% of it's wealth;  and if we were to base that amount off the current statistics presented to us as fact--it'd equate to roughly 400 million individuals with $60 trillion in wealth, while 7.6 billion people collectively muster-up $3 trillion.  Oligarchs make money, literally;  and it's simply a piece of paper to them--they've probably never seen or touched "fiat currency" a day in their lives.  The power that wealth generates grants these beings-entities the ability to shape the world to fit their ideal-setting, and match up with domains of higher frequency--some of us even experience these higher-oligarchic domains during astral projections and lucid dreams.  However, it isn't wealth that grants an Oligarch the ability to synchronize multi-dimensional realities into one singular-lifestyle;  but rather, it's the energy provided to the system itself that's used to forge and stabilize the concurrent-realities.  Any other chaos abilities expressed by Oligarchs are simply means to an end--that end being control over the elements and domination of spirit.


        When we think of tourist "places and attractions", we typically think of natural or cultural monuments and locations to visit during a trip from home.  Well, to an Oligarch:  cities, states, countries and even CONTINENTS are the places and attractions they've developed for us.  By participating in the system they've designed, upholding and even defending it with our lives if need be--we're feeding it and them the requisite energy for maintenance and/or sustenance.  Oligarchs don't want your money, they can print it with impunity;  it's what's inside you that peaks their interest--and they'll do whatever is necessary to "dominate-it."

Wizards, hidden in plain-sight.  Image of a spiritual wizard giving a little boy a lolli-pop.

        When we hear the term "Wizard", we typically associate it with Merlin or Gandalf from "Lord of the Rings"--basically, any old dude with a long white beard and pointy hat fits the description.  It's true that the older you are, the more powerful a Wizard you may become--but you're not required to have a full robe, with pointed hat and a long beard to receive the title.  True Wizards command multi-dimensional chaos magic much-like the previously mentioned Oligarchs--what separates the two is where the power is sourced from.  As opposed to using "borrowed" energy to enforce ones will;  Wizards pull from their own reserves to cast and/or activate abilities.


        During astral projections, this class of magician expresses full control over themselves and their environment.  If while lucid dreaming you've ever:  taken flight, went invisible, grew into a giant, etc--then you're at the very least a Beginner-Wizard.  Masters of the craft are very skilled in the power of manifestation, both physically and ethereally.


        For example, when a Multi-Dimensional Wizard operates from 5D--he or she is capable of looking at a 3D object to view it's:  past, present and future simultaneously;  and though this is an ethereal-physical instance of power, I'll take it a step further in the physical while assuming I'm

the Wizard.  Being that I saw a man pacing back and forth in-front of a law office, and a resulting homicide in the immediate future within the building;  I could photo-kinetically "imprint" a terrible outcome within his mind in an attempt to avert the pending disaster, even if it was a falsehood in comparison to the presumed outcome.  In comparison to 3D reality, time doesn't exist within 5D--so I could literally spend hours or even days within the dimension to find the best "solution", and then imprint it into his mind;  all the while only 5 seconds have passed in the physical world.


        The above scenario is an extreme case of Masterful Wizardry performed while incarnate in the 3rd Dimension, and it's an unbelievable feat to say the least.  However, a Wizards true power may be expressed or experienced within the higher dimensions--and this is due to the fact that 3rd Density matter is extremely difficult to work with.  We're not free from matter when we "change form", we inhabit a less dense body upon departure from our physical one;  and this body is comprised of matter, though of far less density.  Legendary Wizards have the power to bring down entire Oligarchies from within the higher dimensions, without ever lifting a finger within the physical world--which is the primary reason as to why all things magical are labeled "fiction."

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