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Astral Projection

By:  Domin'Theos

Womans consciousness and spirit is outside her body, whilst it looks at her sleeping body in the bed.

         Finally, we reach the conclusion to Quantum Disclosure - Dream Theory.  First, let me give thanks to you, the reader;  if it weren't for your viewership, the information here would serve no purpose.  If you've missed the Introductory and/or Intermediate Sections, I strongly advise that you head back and begin from the start.


        Taking into account all the information contained within this series, you'd think "Astral Projection" would have been a topic covered somewhere near the beginning;  well, the overall reality of the subject is a bit more complex than the practice of it.  There's tons of information regarding techniques for successful astral projection, and by following the instructions provided it's possible to project your psycho-spiritual self into the astral plane.


        However, without proper knowledge of what astral projection is in it's totality, consequences could be suffered that won't always be to your liking;  this is why I saved the practice of traveling the astral plane for last, as by now you should be well informed of it's fundamental dynamics.  This article will be fully dedicated to the practice itself, and the information herein are sure-shot ways to accomplish astral projection.

Story-Time: My First Out of Body Experience

        If you're a fan of the series, then you should know by now that there's a story or example laced in almost every article within Dream Theory;  I do this for the purpose of creating a platform through which my viewers may vicariously live the experiences I've disclosed, and it also helps in gaining a deeper understanding of the topic or subject itself.  This story won't be long, and is the last within the series.


        I was dating this girl and we were both 21 years old at the time.  She was a college student and home for spring break, so we decided to spend that time with each-other.  One night, we were on the phone and she told me she's going out with her "girlfriends", and that she'll call me when she gets home;  well, that was all well and good until I heard the males in the background as well.  Knowing I was being lied to, I went along with it and said goodbye.


        I was already lying in bed during the conversation, so I'd begun to fall asleep after it ended.  Something supernatural happened right before the point of losing consciousness, something I'll never forget.  Right before I'd fallen asleep, the thought of her cheating on me crossed my mind, and I immediately shot up with the intention of confronting her about it;  and that's when I realized that I was no longer in my body, I'd turned to view it still sleeping in bed.  The strange thing about it though, was the fact that I was 4 feet shorter than before and connected by a silver umbilical cord;  the very atmosphere around me was like twilight, and I found it very hard to move.  Unknowingly, I was in real-time-space (RTS), the buffer zone between the physical and astral world.

Man and woman sit on a couch, apparently not talking to eachother.

        I'd performed a "weak" astral projection, and after what felt like roughly 30 seconds, I'd fallen weak and drifted into a dream.  Surprisingly, I was conscious throughout the shift;  it felt as if I was being pulled through thick fog and in no particular direction, then in an instant I was somewhere entirely different.  I was inside of a baby stroller on a street familiar to me, and there was someone pushing me;  I couldn't see who it was, but I knew it was my grandmother.  Also, there were people in the streets as far as my eyes could see and facing the direction opposite of where we were going, they all appeared to have their vision fixed on something in the sky;  the dream sequence terminated soon afterwards.


        The very next morning, I awoke with memory of the astral projection and the multiple dream sequences afterwards;  I could even recall my grandmother snoring downstairs as I was out-of-body, I wanted to go see her but it felt as if I weighed over 500 pounds.  I've performed several weak to moderate astral projections since then, but that first experience was one that let me know the possibility is real.


        The initial catalyst to me exiting my body for the first time had nothing to do with "meditation" or "concentrating your mind", it was accomplished solely through "pure anger";  and that's not to say that the formerly mentioned methods aren't legit, but it is to say that there are multiple ways to practice astral projection.


        *Note* I highly advise against using anger as a means for astral projection, for you could end up somewhere on the lower-astral plane as I did.

Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners
A sun is setting on the horizon, above a waveless ocean.

        The simple fact that you remember dreaming at one point means that you've astrally projected your psycho-spiritual self somewhere outside of it's physical vessel, this is the most basic form of astral projection.  We often make the mistake of "over-complicating" the process by focusing on the wrong dynamics of it, and at the wrong times as well;  for example, beginners usually focus more on the physical body itself, as opposed to concentration of the mind as a "singularity."  When falling asleep, we usually let go of our conscious mind before the actual body itself;  reverse this and you get what is essentially the fundamental process of astral projection.


        During my beginner stages, I made the common mistake of over-complicating the process;  I was attempting to approach it from some master spiritualist perspective, when in fact the scope of it's practice encompassed much more.  Below are two of my go-to techniques on how to successfully accomplish astral projection.

A royal palace draped in lights.

Astral Altars (Way-Point Projection)


        By definition, an altar is "an elevated place or structure, such as a mound or platform, at which religious rites are performed or on which sacrifices are offered to gods, ancestors, etc."  In regard to what we're defining as an "Astral Altar", we could actually flip the meaning in a few ways.  On one hand, we can sacrifice finished thoughts to our altar, in effect setting up a location for us to "land" after a successful astral projection.  On another hand, an astral altar can represent the astral form itself.


        Ultimately, your altar can be whatever you want it to be.  My altar-location, for instance, is a floating palace comprised of various precious metal and stone.  Feel free to come visit whenever you're in the area, but beware; you have to first get past the--well never-mind that.


        The way astral altars are forged is through focused thought and emotional intent, add a bit of "gnosis" to the equation and you'll have yourself an altar in no time.  Believe it or not, recurring dreams are the most common astral altars;  and this is due to the fact that every thought and feeling we have is stored in our subconscious-mind, it'll eventually forge a default altar for you if you haven't consciously done so.  There is no step-by-step way towards creating one, so instead I'll break it down into two key points:  thought and emotion.

  •     Thought Power


        Though it may be hard and frustrating to do at times, thinking is something we humans must engage in order to "make our way through" this place we call Earth.  I sometimes find myself having to cease thinking, in order to make it through the day;  crazy--yes I know, but necessary.  When it comes to forging an astral altar however, lack of thought-power literally equates to lack of an altar.  Thought-focus and it's underlying intent are the mental ingredients required to successfully craft an astral altar.


  •    Emotional Power


        In contrast to thought, emotions are something we tend to engage with relative ease;  this is the paradox of the human being.  Our emotions, and more often than not, take us places where our thoughts simply cannot;  our thoughts are quite literally along for the ride when our emotions take the wheel.  Use the power of emotion as the coagulant that solidifies your abstract reality, use it to establish the domain of the altar itself.  Emotional intensity directly correlates with the "solid-state" of any particular human-altar.


  •     1 + 1 = 3


        When effectively combined, thought + emotion manifests "memories."  Use your most fond memories of the past as a template towards forging your astral altar.  Memories are a combination of thought and emotion "frozen in time";  you can easily access these time-capsules through retrospective-thought-time-travel (R-TTT), and this is accomplished through simply "remembering memories."  Think of how great it was during holiday family reunions, like the:  smell of the food, sound of laughter, feeling of love in the air, your drunk uncle slightly lowering the love factor but increasing the funny;  these memories are the material used to "copy and paste" a basic altar, as forging an altar from scratch requires an elevated degree of spiritual discipline and physical dedication.  If you're having trouble recalling a memory, use stimuli of the 5 senses to help "jog your memory."


    You'll know you've successfully created an altar when you continuously have the same dream, as it's very purpose for being created was to act as your way-point into the astral;  this is the simplest method to achieve astral projection, though it does have it's downsides.  For example, lucidity is not guaranteed once you reach your altar, as you won't know you're there until you become aware in-it;  by using this method, you didn't necessarily "travel" to your altar but instead "projected" your conscious-mind into-it.  You could very easily fall unconscious within the dream as soon as your conscious-mind is separated from the physical body.

A woman atop an electrical power wire, obviously outside of her human body and in a dream.

Body-Split (Weak Projection)


        There's a-lot of things I have to say about this method of astral projection, but I'll leave that up for speculation.  The body-split method involves an individual putting their body to rest, while actively remaining conscious;  and though it may sound like an easy process, it's nothing close to being simple.  Once the physical body is on the brink of going into stand-by mode, as well as the conscious mind is near the event-horizon of subconsciousness;  the body-split may be enacted.  Timing is key when practicing this method, as when any factor is off-sync by even a little, all progress made WILL be canceled-out.


        I can literally count on my hands and feet, the amount of times I've performed a weak projection in a period of 12 years;  and in my case, this is due to how draining the experience is.  After performing a body-split, I usually wake up feeling as drained as I did before lying down.  I've heard people claim to have traveled to Mars and back using this method;  and though it sounds outlandish to me, I won't count it out as a possibility.


        Based upon my observation and experience, the longer you remain in RTS during a body-split, the more deplete of ethereal energy you become;  this is why I only use the method for "serious" purposes and inquiries.  One important thing to keep in mind when attempting a weak projection is this:  it's practice is based in 3D reality, and it's main purpose is to enable someone to ethereally walk Earth's RTS.  Eventually, a shift into the astral frequency must be accomplished, or the individual will fall unconscious.

  •     Step 1


        Do whatever it takes to "enter" a relaxed state of mind and body, and try not to be so "spiritual" during the process.  Once you're relaxed, spend the next 15 - 30 minutes "day-dreaming" of something that'll maintain and/or enhance your state of relaxation;  afterwards initiate the process of "going-to" sleep.  Please note, when attempting body-split the point of origin should be as quiet as humanly possible.


  •     Step 2


        When going to sleep, "attempt" to free your mind of all thoughts;  use your relaxed state to begin to "drift" to sleep, whilst remaining conscious of your "existence."  My best attempt at detailing this stage would go as such:  think nothing, while systematically reminding yourself every 30 seconds to a minute that "you-exist."  I know it sounds a mess, but you simply must keep your mind awake while allowing your physical body to become "separate" from what will essentially become the other you;  however you accomplish this requisite, is entirely up to you.


  •     Step 3


        If you thought the first two steps were the hard parts, well--just continue reading.  At this point, you'll be in a condition in-between both realities;  the most common sensation is that of feeling as if you're imploding, or sinking "through" yourself.  Here's where the make or break moment comes into play:  you'll begin to feel as if you're physically "dying", but this is only your ethereal body separating itself from the physical.  The most common mistake we make at this stage is quite literally "wanting to live", indeed it's frightening to feel as if your soul is departing from your physical body;  this is where we mess up, and force ourselves back into the physical form by interrupting it's stand-by activation.


        If you want to make it past this step, you must figuratively "let yourself die".  There's a threshold that must be crossed when consciously-separating the ethereal from physical, and the crossing of-it requires a bit of courage.   You'll most definitely know when you've reached it's border, and this is step three.


  •     Step 4


        It gets insanely difficult  to explain the process through any medium beyond this point, but I'll try my best.  You'll only have a literal few seconds to make or break this stage, so choose wisely.  As soon as you cross "the threshold" mentioned in step 3, use what conscious effort you have left to "project" everything that is you, outside of your body;  whether it be by "mentally" rocking yourself side to side until you "fall" out-of-it, and/or simply "knowing" you exist separate from it, "ego-less" effort will manifest the desired result.


  •     The Beyond


        Now you're in RTS, and if it's your first time--well, go ahead and look at your sleeping body;  the shock from it will subtract a decent amount of time from your experience, but at-least you'll know you've achieved it.   Again, if it's your first time performing a successful astral projection, time is of the essence;  try not to spend any more than what feels to be 1 earth minute in your exploration, and return immediately to your sleeping body so that you have a better chance of remembering the experience.  The more you practice, the better you'll become;  and in effect, you'll be able to spend longer periods in Earth's RTS while in ethereal form.


  •    >>> Warning <<<


        The moment between step 3 & 4 is very crucial, the outcome of which ranges from magical to terrifying.  If you fail to successfully complete the leap from step 3 to 4, you may experience what is known as "sleep paralysis."  Try not to worry, as you're only experiencing the reverse side of it;  upon waking and with sleep paralysis, we often feel as if we can't breathe and are struggling to survive.  Failing the quantum leap from step 3 to 4 causes us to feel as if we're suffocating because our physical bodies are operating with minimal energy, though life-sustaining;  if you "struggle" hard enough, you'll re-activate your body into "on" mode.  If not, although it may feel as if you died;  you'll still wake up in the morning.

Conclusion to Dream Theory
Image of a mans physical, ethereal and astral body.

        The picture to your left represents the distinction between our: physical (blue), ethereal (yellow) and astral (gold) bodies;  each being a step up in vibrational frequency from the last.  The state, and condition of these bodies will ultimately depend upon the possessor of them;  and there is nothing outside of "self", nor any valid "excuse" that shall justify their self-destruction.


        Envision the following simile with me, and effectually gain wisdom of the state of man.  There's a difference between being alone, and being lonely.  The very polar settings that designate the urban mystic from the hermetic monk, are differentiated by "density";  for if the two were to swap "environments", lonely will become alone and alone--lonely.


        The simile mentioned above is representative of the spiritual conundrum of the spiritual-human, and it will remain as such until the end of time;  use this knowledge to effectuate the wisdom "attributable" to life, within your own.


        The linear path of this series has come to an end, go back or make a quantum leap forward into the next series:  Go to Prev --- Next





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