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The Astral Plane
5th dimensional representation of a futuristic city, with two moons in the background.

By:  Domin'Theos

        Greetings, and welcome to the third installment of "Intermediate Level Dream Theory";  if you've missed our Introductory Section I'd highly advise that you check it out.


        Now, depending on how old you think our "planet" is and assuming you believe in some form of an afterlife;  envision the souls of all sentient lifeforms that have passed since the beginning of time on earth, and imagine what size of a planet it would take to house those souls.  We'd require a planet at least--uh, INFINITELY the size of earth to house all the souls passed from it;  and being that all matter in the universe occupies only 5% of its space, it's safe to assume that somewhere in the remaining 95% there's room to accommodate dis-incarnate earth-specific beings.


        The previously mentioned 95% of "so-called" empty space is what makes up the ethereal universe, that of which hosts the "Astral Plane" amongst many other "dimensions" of reality.

        Picture it this way;  modern science makes claim that the circumference of our sun is 2.7 Million miles, and the largest sun in the entire known universe is stated to be 5.46 Billion miles in circumference.  There's believed to be quadrillions of stars in the known universe, all of which are composed of matter and yet still this only accounts for 5% of occupied space.  The ethereal universe is simply incomprehensible to any single physical being, and an utterly unfathomable reality in regard to the human mind.  Even if our physical universe was just one infinite plane, it'd still only account for less than 10% of occupied space.


        The Astral Plane is an ethereal reality that's planet specific, let me explain;  regardless as to whether you believe in a globe or flat earth, the astral plane will host all forms of life relative to that particular "space in time."  There are planes higher in frequency than the astral, and comparable to how TV stations function they all occupy the same space.  Our very own physical world occupies the same space as the Astral, only separated by frequency;  try not to think of it as above our world, instead just realize it's on a different "channel."

The Three Regions

        Planet Earth is an estimated 8000 miles in diameter, and a straight flight from Los Angeles, USA to Tokyo, Japan would take roughly 11+ hours commercially;  this is essentially how movement through space and time works.  At present, the most efficient mode of travel is flight and most of us aren't privileged enough to own a private helicopter, so we normally travel by vehicle or foot;  though ultimately, the "birds eye view" way of travel is second to none.  "Instantaneous Transmission" (Teleportation) is the only mode of travel that trumps flight, but we as a global society lack the technology to physically realize the prospect.


        Notwithstanding our lack of technology, the principal difference between the astral world and the physical is the framework of time.  We'd require some serious tech, or God-like powers in order to travel from Los Angeles to Tokyo in the blink of an eye;  and yet, in the Astral this is fundamentally how travel is "accomplished."  Changes in psycho-spiritual (PS) frequency results in the reformation of Astral Energy, which in effect reconstructs "space";  there is no sense of "location" in the astral as we regard it in the physical world, and likewise with regard to distance as well.  All things have their personal space, all the while sharing that very same space with "all that is";  this may be applied both physically and ethereally.


        There are three main Astral Regions, all occupying the same space but separated by infinite frequencies;  below we will briefly detail the properties of these regions and their common "locales."

  •     Lower-Astral Region


        This region is most frequently associated with "Hell" and other nightmarish domains, when in fact it's nothing of the sort.  The lower-astral (LA) is a region that we must pass through in order to incarnate, as well as one we must traverse in order to progress into higher regions;  keep in mind that time-space is a deviating path, while space-time is linear.  When passing through the LA realm, only those whose frequency resonates with-it shall suffer it's gravitational pull;  those of higher frequency will naturally gravitate towards their "inheritance", and only by choice will they witness the condition of any particular LA-frequency.


        The lower-astral hosts all primal thought and desire;  every dense feeling and belief that exists of the human form resides here, and will forever remain until "assimilation" occurs.  A common locale in this zone and in relation to 20th & 21st century humanoids would be a mega-shopping mall.  Whether it be the desire to commit petty thefts, or the idea that you must catch all petty thieves;  these "thought-forms" will continuously enact their purpose until eventual dissolution, and the spirits attached to them are the dependent variable within the equation.


        The amount of energy required to maintain an astral presence in the LA, is ironically equal to the amount required to exit it.

A city in ruins, the entire atmosphere is filled with a mars red canopy in the sky.
A man sits atop a rail on a very tall skyscraper, having a birds eye view of the city and even the birds below.
  •     Mid-Astral Region


        The astral plane itself is the "choice" ethereal version of Earth;  every polar representation of things known and possible to earth-life are present in it.  The mid-astral (MA) region is home to all things "equal."  Polar variations do exist in this region, though without over-extending into "radical" and/or "conservative" territory;  over extension from a MA point of origin will automatically result in region-shift.


        Common locales in this zone include homes, institutions and locations familiar to the individual.  Ever wanted to play the Violin but never found the time to do so?  The mid-astral acts as an ethereal platform to experience all things we hadn't found "time" for, or couldn't muster the "gumption" to accomplish;  this region is the literal stage for all "wholesome things" unfulfilled.


        The MA is the most common destination for both astral travelers and dis-incarnate beings alike, as it's the most familiar environment in relation to the human psyche;  this zone nurtures and cultivates the desire to either progress towards higher realities, or regress for another incarnation.

  •     Upper-Astral Region


        Contrary to popular belief, this believed to be "heavenly" realm fails in comparison to the most basic of mental-spiritual heavens;  the mental realm being the parent of astral reality.  The upper-astral (UA) region hosts the highest aspirations of humanity;  and with emotion being the apex of human power, it's possessor prepares to meet it's maker in this region of the astral.


        Quite similar to the fundamental dynamics of the lower-astral, the UA functions just the same;  it acts as the stage for all human-divine personification.  Even those based in the LA get the opportunity to experience this region before eventual reincarnation.  Though there are inconceivable cases where a "flagged" being may be thrust from LA-existence directly into "absolution";  by-passing all higher dimensions within the "Realm of Man" and being "stored" within the "Soul", as-is-- "forever."


        A very common locale in this region would be an arena or large venue of some sort;  and in a fashion reciprocal of all present, beings express their highest ideals with a natural "Gnosis."  All things given and received in this zone are transacted "as is".  There is no sense of right or wrong in the UA, as it's very atmosphere is filled with a consensual-harmony that's indescribable.


        It's uncommon to visit this realm during astral projection, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible;  the main key to accessing the UA is entirely dependent upon mastery over ego.

Man walking a ground made of clouds and filled with stars, towards a shining heavenly city.
A humanoid with two ethereal dragon heads as shoulder cuffs appears to be made of fire.

        The inhabitants of the Astral Plane range from malevolent to benevolent;  and come in all colors, shapes and sizes.  When astral traveling, we'd like to believe ourselves as visitors to the plane and in most cases we are.  However, if I were to tell you that it's possible to simultaneously exist in the physical and astral world;  would you believe it?  Well, get ready for some very interesting information regarding the inhabitants of the astral world;  I'll break them up into two categories:  incarnate and dis-incarnate beings.


  •     Incarnate Beings


        It's true that while incarnate we may "coexist" in astral space, and this is a definite reality regardless as to whether we're in control or not.  Most humans in the world of the living have no idea of this double life, and only catch minor glimpses of it during certain dream sequences;  though, not all of our dreams are relative to this specific reality.  The lower astral houses most, if not all astral-incarnate entities;  the reason being is that the LA is the plane most similar in frequency to that of the physical world, and may therefore be synchronized through proper ritual.


        Those aware of their coexisting astral self may use this knowledge to their advantage, and adjust the stage of perception from the most dense to the lesser;  hence connecting the two while operating from the astral, as opposed to the physical.  Habitation of higher astral regions is possible, though the process of ritual is much more difficult to perform and maintain.


        It's important to keep in mind that the term "humanoid" defines a being that resembles a human in its shape;  knowledge of this is key while astral traveling, as you're just another humanoid amongst a plethora of life-forms both dead and alive.  Also, be aware that not all physical humans are the same;  though we externally share likeness in the humanoid form, our internal states or conditions could project an appearance entirely different on the astral plane.

  •     Dis-Incarnate Beings


        Having home-court advantage, dis-incarnate beings take up temporary residence on the astral plane before progressing to the mental realm and/or reincarnating on earth.  All forms of life relative to planet earth pass through the astral plane;  lifeforms not limited to but including:  plants, insects and animals have their respective domains here.  Life on the astral plane for these beings can range from being as exciting as the most exciting life ever lived on earth, or as routine and dull as a day job at the office;  as explained earlier, upon permanent departure from the physical body our psycho-spiritual self gravitates towards it's natural inheritance.


        I'm going to give you an example of an extreme case of "natural inheritance" that I'd experience on an Astral Journey.  It begins with me performing a "weak" astral projection, though successful nonetheless;  upon reaching my "astral altar" I'd begun to shift my PS-energy towards a mixture of justice & retribution, with no particular person in mind but the sense of being a victim.  Afterwards, I'd flew a distance with that guiding frequency and had eventually reached a destination.


        What I saw there can only be explained as "justified";  there were these "creatures" that barely resembled human beings and suffering deformities that only allowed them to move "on all fours", as well as people popping in and out to witness the grotesque scenery.  I can remember having a strong sense that what I was witnessing was some form of energetic connection between victim and perpetrator;  as I'd witnessed a few of the grotesque creatures dissolve into nothingness along with the perceived victim.  The creatures weren't aware of our presence, and the other humans didn't seem to notice each other;  all the creatures did was rip each other to pieces, regenerate and do the same thing over and over again.  Realizing I was in the LA, and a very low sub-plane within it, I'd skipped my altar and returned directly to my body;  surprisingly, I remembered the experience and I credit the feat to the combination of feeling satisfied and sorrowful upon waking.


        The above story is just one example of how dis-incarnate beings experience the astral plane, there are truly infinite possibilities.

Recap: Intermediate Level Dream Theory
A sun shines bright high above a canopy of clouds.

        You've made it to the end of our introductory segment of Dream Theory.  I hope the information you've consumed thus far has enhanced, and/or confirmed your knowledge and wisdom regarding the subject.  Here's a quick recap of what we've covered thus far.


    1)  Not all dreams are the product of our own minds, they can be shared with other sentient beings.


    2)  Our thoughts and emotions are how we control and manipulate the dream world.

    3)  The astral plane is the realm we visit during dreams, and is a place as real as our physical world.


    4)  All sentient lifeforms must experience the astral plane before birth, and after death.


    5)  We coexist both astrally and physically, whether we know it or not.

        The linear path will take you to the next article:  Go to Prev --- Next





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